Be content with who you are

Why are we so fixated with something someone else has going on? Or so keen on what someone else looks like that we begin to change who we are? The worst you can do is try to be something you are not. Am I right? Be confident in who you are , stay in your lane, and enjoy your journey. When you are happy with you, it makes life easier for you , and for the people around you. Why would you try so hard to be something you are not, before you actually work on who you are? People put so much energy into trying be someone else instead of being you. Don’t be so easily persuaded, and so impressionable. The most annoying thing I heard a woman say… “Everybody is doing so and so, I need to do it too” STOP IT! It is one thing to admire someone, but its another thing when you are starting to change yourself. What is this? Simon Says!?

At what point do you begin to be so comfortable not being your authentic self? Being you, and being confident in that, is what makes you an individual . Whatever you feel on the inside exudes on the outside. What sets you aside as an individual? Contain some substance about yourself, and rock with that. Wouldn’t you rather have your own identity? How can someone identify with you, if you can’t even recognize yourself when you look in the mirror. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to be around someone who constantly points out everything they hate about themselves. Yes, we are flawed, and may have a few things we want to change…ok, so, do it or learn to love it. But , don’t constantly pick yourself apart. You know what that does? Strips whatever confidence you did have. You will begin to chip away so much, that you disappear. As a result, no identity!

Have you ever seen somebody , and you were so intrigued with them? It was something about their energy. Something about their presence. You just couldn’t put your finger on it. Its called Aura… A certain energy you carry. The confidence they obtain can light up an entire room. You don’t even know them, never met them. But, you know you want to be around them. You can’t teach this. This is just  something  you have or you don’t. Be content with being you, and not content with being someone else. Thank you for reading today, and I hope I was able to encourage someone out there who is struggling with this.

“If you are pretending to be anything other than yourself, you will never reach your full potential”

Oprah Winfrey~

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