Favorite Makeup Brushes of 2015

20151225_120900-1[1]My favorite brushes of this year include the following brands: BH Cosmetics, Real Techniques, Eco-Tools, and Elf. Below I’m listing why I like each brush, and the use for them!

First up is bh cosmetics Blush Brush. This brush is super super soft and applies blush, and powder’s well. It’s one of the best blush brushes I have used in my opinion. It comes in a pack of 12. Or, you can purchase the brush by itself for $8. I recommend to go ahead, and purchase the entire dang pack because all the brushes that come in the set are guuuuud!!! Got the set of 12 for 10 bucks on www.bhcosmetics.com  Oh, and did I mention this brush is super soft?! lol! (dramatic) stop it Ivy~ Also, the Elf powder brush does the trick as well. I also go to this brush to set my liquid foundation with a powder .

bh cos
bh cosmetics blush brush
elf pbrush
Elf powder brush


Next up, is Real Techniques Expert face brush. Now, this brush right here is liiiiife!!!!! It’s perfect when applying foundation. It leaves a more polished finish. I use it to apply my BB cream as well. This brush was 9 bucks…worth it! Since we are talking about Real Techniques…the Beauty sponge is a 10 all across the board!! It applies best when a little damp, water or setting spray is what I use. It has a flat side, an edge side, and round base side. I like to use the flat edge side to apply my under eye concealer. I got it for 6 bucks both at Ulta. Works like MAGIC!

Real Techniques Expert face brush




Real Techniques beauty sponge-miracle complexion sponge

Coming to the stage next is…. drumroll please!!! Elf eye shadow brush. Love this baby!! I think it was only $3 at Target. This is my go to brush when applying on my lid. For best application I would apply your eye shadows by patting the product on. Don’t like swipe it on, it just removes the eye shadow…you want to pack it on for best results. I also like to use it to high-light my tear duct.

1815_ELF_Eye Shadow Brush 2
Elf eyeshadow brush


Ecotools  concealer brush is pretty good ya’ll!! I like to use this to kinda like paint my concealer on before I use the beauty sponge to perfect it. Ecotools high-lighting brush I like to use to blend my eye shadows for a more clean and even look. Both brushes also came in a set as well for about 10 bucks at Ulta or Target. Definitely go to brushes for a starter makeup kit!

eco tools concealer
Ecotools Concealer brush
Ecotools Highlight Brush
Ecotools  High lighter brush

That’s it…those are my top 7 brushes of the year 2015! What’s your favorite makeup brushes of this year? What do you like about them? Comment below~


Posted by: Ivy

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