Who is The Beautiful Woman?

Who is The Beautiful Woman? Is she the woman who is  multiracial? The woman with waist length hair? The woman with the degree? The woman with a face full of makeup? The woman who is wearing the latest fashion? The woman who is carrying the high end designer bag? Or, is she the woman who is a size zero? You can see where I am going with this right? It’s none of the above…your heart and soul is what carries out your beauty. You can be a beautiful woman on the outside,with an ugly soul.

In May of 2014, I attended a Dental Conference in Boston. We went to Fenway Park for a welcoming reception.  A random woman came up to me out of nowhere. I was standing with a group of friends, as she made her way through the crowd. She placed her hands on my face,( As I heard chattering in the background…”Who is she?” “Does Ivy know her?”) and she began to tell me how she has been watching me. She told me what a beautiful spirit I had ,and how white and black people like me. She told me how people love my personality, and to continue to be myself. She said I had a light around me, that people are drawn to. People around me who didn’t understand what was going on tried to shoo this lady away. But I was listening to her. It was like I was in a trans or something.  I have to admit, my eyebrows were together at first, because I had never seen this lady a day in my life. The lady didn’t tell me I was pretty , or point out my qualities on the outside. She saw my spirit… I know that sounds creepy… But at that very moment I felt beautiful! More beautiful than I ever felt.


The next morning, back in the hotel with my group…the questions started… “What was that lady saying to you?” “Who was she?” I began to tell them what she  said to me, and I got all kinds of crossed eyes… As if that was weird…  At that point I just stopped talking. Because there was really no explaining…not in a way that it would make sense to anyone at that point. All day I thought about what that mysterious lady said to me. I thought to myself “Was she an angel?” or Was she just here to remind me of who I am.


People can see more of who we are than we will ever see. Because when we look in the mirror , we see our appearance and our flaws. Other people see your spirit and your energy. Your imperfections, and your flaws to others is what makes you a beautiful woman. People can relate to a woman who has an honest heart. You don’t have to  be  perfect. Perfectionism is a sign of a woman who is struggling to be something she is not, to appear differently in front of others. People are more attracted to a woman’s flaws than a woman who stands to be perfect. It’s a sign of weakness, and people can see that. Like I said, people see more of who you are than you can see in yourself.

We are growing daily as women. We are constantly changing. Just like a plant we need nourishment, we need water and sunlight  in order to grow into the best women we can be. As each leaf falls off, a new one grows back giving us another chance to be better. It is up to us to feed ourselves the nourishment we need to grow. When we understand what makes us  beautiful, we become better, happier, and healthier. We can then become excellent mother’s to our daughter’s, because we can teach them what it is to be The Beautiful Woman.


Posted by: Ivy

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