Quick Protective Hairstyle

As we are in the cold winter months… it is important we protect our hair from this harsh weather , and especially our ends. So, here is a quick protective hairstyle and easy to manage look. Protective hairstyles make it so much easier to keep your hands out of your hair for a few days. Here are 3 easy steps to achieve this look.

Items you will need:


  1. Bobby pins
  2. Gel-any gel of your choice
  3. Rejuvenating Oil-any oil of your choice
  4. Brush
  5. Wide tooth comb (optional-depending on the current state your hair is in.
  6. Rubber bands or hair ties

I am starting off with an old twist out on straightened hair.

So, first I applied some oil to my hair for some shine…just a tad- don’t use too much, you don’t want to look like a grease ball:) Then, I took my hair and divided it into 3 sections. Leaving some hair out at the top to style later (optional). Using rubber bands or hair ties to secure the sections. Now, I don’t really like to use rubber bands on  my hair, but considering my hair is in a stretched state, and I am only twisting the rubber band around my hair a few times loosely.




Next, take the hair from the 3 sections and pin them to the opposite sides. This style doesn’t have to be perfect, and there is no particular way to pin your hair, just pin the hair in place making it secure.


It should look something like this…




Next, gel your sides down for a cleaner look. The sectioned hair left in the front you can style as you choose. I chose to do a mini pompadour. And, that’s it! An easy quick protective style! For upkeep just tie your hair up at night to keep your edges smooth, and to prevent your hair from being a frizzy mess. You can apply more gel in the morning to refresh, or use edge control.

Final look!



That’s easy enough right?! I love how this style came out! It’s perfect for any occasion really. A night out with the girls, date night, work week, and just a good ol’ running around with the kiddos weekend look. This is such a good style to build from.

So, what’s your favorite protective style for the winter months?


Posted by: Ivy

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