♡Valentine’s Day♡! Main Course, Gift exchange, Bonding!!

Valentine’s DAY is approaching!! I love, love Valentine’s DAY! It’s just a fun day to spend with your family, and preparing to do something to knock someone’s socks off!! Do you indulge in Valentine’s Day?! If so, what’s your plans for the BIG V-DAY?!

Restaurants will be a hassle, due to the big crowds. Waiting hours and hours just to eat can definitely ruin the moment. Being hungry and annoyed is not the best combination. (especially with your kids in the mix) Looking for a babysitter? For my parents out there… this might be difficult considering your babysitter may have V-day plans too.  So, if it’s looking like a night in for you. Here’s what ya do…

  1.  Main-Course…Prepare an amazing meal for your love one, or cook a meal together. It’s romantic, sexy, and it allows you to communicate.
  2. Or hire a personal Chef to come cook for you guys! (I like this idea)
  3. Include the family  so the pressure is not all on you ;)…allowing the kids to join in with gift exchange-this definitely wins the Mom over every time!! And it’s a fun time for family bonding.
  4. Make it a movie night! Get the movie going early enough- so you have time for a cute kiddie movie….after the kids are down-Pop in a movie for Mommy and Daddy to enjoy! Comedy, romance, horror…whatever ya’ll are into
  5. Set-up a mini candy station! For you guys and the kids to enjoy!
  6. (This might sound corny) But at the end of the night share with your love ones what you LOVE about them. We all need that reassurance sometimes right?! This is great to include the entire family in on too. Listening to what the kiddies have to say I’m sure will be hilarious!!

Valentine’s Day is a special day! Sometimes it’s just the simple things that make for the best time! Don’t get wrapped up in the gifts and the expectation. It’s a man made holiday guys, don’t allow Valentine’s Day to make or break your relationship. Don’t set yourself up to get your feelings hurt. DO YA’LL! Don’t allow how someone else is spending V-day change what you and your mate/family do. People always get wrapped up in what someone else is doing-  Have fun! Enjoy each other 🙂 Thanks for reading~


Happy Valentine’s Day!!♡♡

Posted by: Ivy

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