Tips on how to get organized



This is a special edition for my mommies out there! Being a parent is a job alone right?! So, trying to keep up with doctor’s appointments, to do list, birthday parties, and the randomness is definitely a task. And sometimes…well, no most of the time it’s hard to remember all that you have committed to (I know it is for me anyway). So, here are five  tips to keep yourself organized! Check them out!


  1. Utilize what is convenient for you-like your phone! We always have our hands on our phones these days, so why not use your memo pad app-this is where I can quickly jot something down so I don’t forget. I have mommy brain- so I forget things 99% of the time! LOL- randomly I will go to my memo pad app if I’m like in the store, and I can’t  remember what else I needed (after making what I thought was a complete list) I still can’t remember, but I will jump on my memo pad, and whatever I needed or wanted to get is always there 😉

2. If you are someone who likes to write things down… get you a planner/journal-pick you  out something fancy 🙂 So, if you have to tote your planner around you are doing it in style!

3. Jot it down around the house- if you are not a planner/journal person, or don’t want to use your phone- write it down on a sticky note, or scrap piece of paper , and place  it somewhere you will see it. Like the refrigerator!! Aren’t we always in the kitchen?!

4. Phone Calendar- I utilized this ALL the time. I simply type my task in the specific date, and set a reminder -the calendar gives you a variety of different reminder alert settings to choose from. This is my go to – I must have this in my life. I highly recommend it 😉

5. Talk out loud about your plans and task. To your husband, friends , or family. Sometimes your peeps can remind you in convo what you said you needed to do…BING! Light bulb! Happens to me all the time… In conversation with my husband I’m like “Oh, yea I remember I needed to do that” LOL!

How do you stay organized?

Thanks for reading~ Happy Organizing!


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