Update on being a Stay- at-Home Mommy




It’s been about 5 months, and I’m still standing…on one leg that is! LOL! So, being a stay at home mom is hard ya’ll. I mean definitely doable obviously but it’s hard work. The stay at home mom life picture I painted for myself entails a lot of work, patience, and prayer. A FAQ -“How do you like being a stay at home Mom?” My answer-” I love it! I just have to keep busy! I do love it! (but it doesn’t neglect the fact that I’m tired) I love the fact I am here to do homework with them, and cook dinner on time. I can stay on top of laundry, and bathrooms are in shape, my kitchen is not looking like a tornado ran through it. I mean I definitely have my picky moments on keeping things tidy around here, but for the most part I have managed (deep breath). I have definitely learned a few things since I have been home, and the most important thing I have learned is… I can’t do it all!! And what I mean by that is… what’s not priority simply doesn’t get done . I have learned to allow the kiddos to pitch in. They have legs and arms that need to be put to work!

One of my biggest challenges right now is keeping my kids from killing each other!!! OMG!! They go at it all the time… one minute they are cool, and the next they are enemies-it drives me nuts!! The next challenge…it takes forever to get ready for the next school day. With homework, baths, dinners, basketball practice, and any other random situations that jumps in. We literally have to start getting ready at 4 o’clock to be in the bed by 8-8:30.  Please tell me ladies that I am not alone?! So, below I have 7 tips I feel we all can benefit from.

A few tips:

  1. Dish out some easy chores for the kids to do-this is a BIG help, and teaches  them responsibility.
  2. Take it a day at time…assign house chores, and errands for yourself by the day of the week. Stay organized (refer back to my last post on how to get organized)
  3. Don’t sweat the small stuff!! Who cares!! Don’t be so hard on yourself…breathe it’s okay. Whatever you don’t get done before bed…Leave it and do it the next day.
  4. Always think ahead…and have a plan B for dinner and other miscellaneous stuff.
  5. SLEEP!! This is a must, and I have definitely learned/learning the hard way. A grumpy Mom is not a fun Mom.
  6. Take time out for yourself- I can’t stress this enough. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy or intricate – read, watch your favorite show, pamper yourself with a spa night at home, a nice bath (I’m so not a bath person-LOL) Have a glass of wine for God sakes…just give yourself some time to CHILL!
  7. EAT!! Take care of your body- I know it’s hard after running around all day, and after standing over a stove you just want to sit down, and you end up picking over your food. Make sure you are taking a multi-vitamin-keep your energy levels up -it’s getting warm out now -so get out and enjoy the weather.

**Don’t say you can find the time because you can**

Are any of you stay at home Mom’s? Have any of you implemented any of these tips in your routine? What are some tips you have for me? Comment below~


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