Mindset-Believe something good will happen-Take the opportunity to try

Your mindset will determine however your life is going to unfold. You must believe something good can happen to you. So cliché right? But it’s true… Don’t sit around with a negative mindset expecting something good to just happen…because it won’t. And nothing just happens by just umm…how can I say this… sitting around twirling your hair . You have to actually work  towards where you are trying to go, and the things you are trying to obtain. Vision your life and where you want to be. Be determined. You are your best bet.

Your thoughts attract whatever you are inviting in your life good or bad. The Law of Attraction is real. You have to actually believe you will do well. It all comes from a positive way of thinking. If you think something bad will happen….  you better daggone believe it will, and everything you touch will turn into dust, not gold. It’s just as simple as that. You are worthy of doing your best .Whatever you put in- is what you will get back in return. You have to believe in YOU in order for other’s to believe in you… You know why people you don’t know believe in you more than people you know? Because you have evolved and you are not the person they once knew anymore , and while you are progressing they are stuck in the same place. People who are use to the same ol’ thing hate change. Change promotes growth, and growth promotes maturity, maturity promotes better decision making, and  better decision making promotes a better outcome.

The worst thing you can do is to portray  like you are “doing well” instead of actually DOING WELL- (think about it) The energy you spend in forcing yourself to be someone you are not-apply that energy into actually working and improving who you really are. Invest in yourself and don’t allow anybody to dictate what you should or shouldn’t be doing. Stop negotiating with yourself on who you are set out to be. Stop gawking at what the next person is doing and what other people have-trying to count they money and figure out how they got there…you don’t know what people have gone through to get where they are. People have the tendancy to be attracted to the outside-don’t have a clue of the steps and sacrifice it took for them to get there.We are all born with different talents, and different things we are good at. So, find out what it is you are good at, committ to it, and perfect it. Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid of not trying… “There are secret opportunities hidden inside every failure” -Sophia Amorous  (Everybody wanna be “the boss” but don’t want to put in Boss work.)

Drops mic and walks off stage-



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