How to keep your kids interested in reading


With all the electronics nowadays, we as parents have to make sure our babies are reading. I am absolutely not against electronics, but we should definitely  monitor the time our kids spend on electronics vs. reading (Even though it occupies them, and keeps them out of our hair 😉 ) Below I am sharing some tips on how to keep your kids reading, and loving it!

  1. Keep them interested… How? Allow your kids to pick out books that interest them and grabs their attention-and books that are appropriate for their age.
  2. Get them excited about reading- talk to them about what book they are reading, show  interest in the story and where it is going- this will keep them eager to finish so they can share with you what happens next in the story. Secretly do some quick reading so you know yourself what’s going on in the story. This will allow you to ask them questions about it to make sure they understand-(slip some reading /comprehensive practice questions in there 😉 )
  3. Make it fun-once a month set some time aside to go shopping for a new book, or make trips to the Library- obviously monitor what they pick out,  allow them to feel proud about their choice. Don’t push a book off on them- books for your kids should be nothing intricate- they don’t need no big 500 page chapter book to read- so you can brag to friends what your child is reading (don’t do that lol)
  4. Read yourself-when your kids see you reading-without them even knowing it becomes second nature to them. They do what they see!
  5. Don’t force it- don’t force your kids to read- Parents, we know when the time is right. Don’t push it off on them-pick a time in the day to read…before bed is the ideal time. Right after a bath because everyone is relaxed, and ready to end the day-don’t wait too late because when you are too relaxed…well, we know what happens…It’s time to catch some Zzzzz’s!! Nobody will be reading at this point!
  6. Don’t make reading a punishment- Reading should be enjoyable and done in your free time. Don’t make your kids feel if they do something bad the consequence is to read- that takes away the fun from reading.
  7. Read with your kids! Simple enough 🙂
  8. Create a mini library for your kids in the house-start a fun book collection-pick out a bookshelf and start collecting!! (IKEA great bookshelves and they are super inexpensive!)


*Benefits from reading*: Reading will enhance your kids vocabulary, and it also allows them to use their imagination. Promotes your kids reading/comprehension skills. Reading also keeps your kids engaged in conversations at home , and at school.

I love when my kids pick up books I read as a child! I can encourage them on how great of a book it is, and my memories I had as a child reading this book. My favorite books to read as a child were those Arthur books! Ya’ll remember those books?!

What was your favorite book as a child? What steps do you take to keep your kids interested in reading? Got any tips for me?!

Thanks for reading ♥

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