Easy Shrimp Pasta with fresh Tomatoes and Spinach in creamy Alfredo Sauce



20160419_181037-1[1]OMG!!!! This has to be the best pasta dish I have ever made!! I mean I must pat myself on the back for this delicious dish. So, I was watching that show The Chew that comes on in the afternoon. The episode today they were preparing a pasta dish with spaghetti noodles , tomatoes, and collard greens. Yes, we can say I was glued to the TV because I love collard greens ya’ll!! I mean loooove them! Let’s just say I was definitely inspired to cook dinner tonight. Even though collard greens are my jam, I just wasn’t feeling it in the pasta tonight. So, to substitute  I used spinach instead. Wanna know how I made this easy dish? Check out what you will need below…


1.Spaghetti noodles

2. 1 pack of raw shrimp

3.Half of a tomato

4. Spinach- (as much as you like)

5. Alfredo sauce

6.Salt and Pepper

7. Lemon pepper (optional)

8. Italian dressing (optional)

First, I went ahead and boiled my noodles- next I sauteed my shrimp, tomatoes, and spinach (I used Italian dressing to saute the tomatoes and the spinach) Then once the noodles were done I added my Lemon pepper and then the other ingredients to follow.



The Lemon pepper is totally optional, but it adds a nice crisp zest to this dish!! Can we say AMAZING!!!! Super easy meal to prepare for your family! For a bonus…the kids ate every bite!! SCORE!!!!!!! This is definitely one for the books. 


What’s your favorite pasta dish?


Thanks for reading ♥


posted by: Ivy



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