Serious Mommy Brain


So, I thought you only got mommy brain while pregnant, and it lasted shortly after the arrival of your baby….and than you bounced right back. WRONG! SO WRONG! (Three kids later) I believe this is a lifetime situation LOL! I can’t remember JACK! I close my eyes tight and have to dig deep in the back of my brain in my memory bank to collect. Geezzz…talk about a task. I find myself making notes of everything-in my phone, on the fridge, in my journal. Being a Mother, and always thinking of everything… my mind feels so cluttered . To add one more thing to the list to remember is super tricky. I know my kiddos are tired of hearing me say the famous “sorry, I forgot”  You guys wanna hear a funny- yet true story? Here it goes….Feel free to laugh your head off 🙂

So, a few years back I was getting ready for work. I went into the bathroom to start my morning routine. On my bathroom counter I had a small amount of dish soap in a bottle- it was there because I bought a new bottle of dish soap for the kitchen , and ran out of bathroom soap (hand soap)  so I just placed the other one in my bathroom until I could grab some more hand soap. Anyway, I go to brush my teeth and pick up what I think is tooth paste, and begin to squeeze the toothpaste on my toothbrush, and in mid- squeeze I wake up out of my daze and realize… OMG…this is DISH SOAP!!!!! I never felt so ridiculous in my life until that moment. I had to laugh at myself. I just kept thinking- why didn’t I realize this unusual object was not tooth paste? There I was standing in the bathroom with blue Dawn dish soap on my doggone tooth brush. Or have you every done this… while you are talking on your phone you are looking for your phone? Like I am literally in a conversation with my phone on my ear, and for a quick second I’m like…”where is my phone” CRAZY…. Okay, one more- just the other day I was making breakfast and put a stick of butter in the pantry! My daughter is the one who found the butter, and gave me the side eye like REALLY MOM!? Another moment I had to laugh at myself. You wouldn’t believe how many times I forgot to leave tooth fairy money. Boy, I tell ya Mommy brain is something else. Is there a solution to this? Or am I just doomed? Yea, I’m probably doomed! HA!

Any Mommy brains out there? What’s the craziest thing you’ve done?  Comment below- I would love to hear some of your stories 🙂


Thank you for reading ♥

Posted by: Ivy ( Mother who has lost her mind)

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