Sweats, Chocolate, Coffee, & Wine (A survival kit for Mom’s)

sweats, chocolate, coffee & wine

Who knew Motherhood came with a kit?! The things we need to get us through- I don’t know about ya’ll, but I think better and can take on the day in sweats, caffeinated, and looking forward to a nice glass of wine when the kiddos are in the bed. After a chaotic day wine just seals the deal for me Whoop Whoop! Chocolate is something I have to sneak throughout  my day…like hiding in the pantry or in the laundry room to sneak me that piece of sweetness I need for a mid day boost. I’m telling ya’ll I literally have to plot out when I’m going to rip open that candy bar that I have been hiding in the back of the cabinet in the kitchen (so sad) my kids are SUPER greedy and any rattle of something that sounds like you are opening a bag of chips, a debbie cake, a candy wrapper….they come running like little rats! It’s so hilarious… I hate sharing my food, but I will with my kids because I love them haha!!

Now that school is out, and summer is in full effect I have to up my coffee game. Honestly, I have tried to lay off the coffee some just because I feel like my body becomes immune to it, and it becomes a complete waste of caffeine. I realize a few days without the caffeine- the annoying headaches start. It doesn’t matter if it’s winter, spring, summer or fall…I feel like that nice cup of coffee in the am is the start to my day-it’s so comforting. It’s a nice kick start to conquer whatever the day has to bring! Although, sometimes depending on the night I had I wish I could start the day with a glass of wine! ha! Now that’s just alcoholic behavior LOL! Wine taste better at night to me. It’s just something about looking forward to the end of the day after the kiddos have been bathed and the house is somewhat put back together (yea somewhat) and you feel so deserving to that chilled glass calling your name. Mmmmm hmmmmm 🙂  completing not thinking about what went on that day- trying to shut your mind off for a good nights rest. It is definitely a challenge to allow your mind to rest because your role as a Mother you are always ON! It doesn’t matter what you are doing…you are always thinking about what needs to be done, dinner, making a check list, looking for the check list you made 😉 Even when you are sleep-you are not really sleep because your mind is just going and going. And before you know it the sun is rising and it’s LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!!! You roll out of bed, throw your sweats on and get the day going -(sometimes I put my sweats on backwards ;))

Motherhood is what you make it… It’s not perfect-there are highs & lows, tears of joy, tears of frustration, fussing, laughing (I’m talking pee your pants laughing) No, I’m not baking cakes from scratch or growing a garden in my backyard… I am making it work the best way I can. Some nights its a quick chicken nuggets in the oven with a side of Kraft mac n’ cheese, and other nights it’s a full coarse fill your belly up comfort meal. We are not perfect as Mother’s -even though we try to be, but it doesn’t hurt to have a keep it together kit. So… yes, sweats, chocolate, coffee and wine is pretty much how I am surviving right now.  How are you surviving Motherhood? What’s in your kit? Comment below~

Thanks for reading ♥


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