Messy House=A Mad Mama!


Messy House=A MAD MAMA (1)

Hey Guys! We are definitely good in summer, and that means some fun in the sun! But first let’s do some chores! It is a must that my kiddos clean up behind themselves-especially since they are well over the age to do so. My kids know the drill-before we go out for the day, or outside to play-they have to make sure their room is picked up, trash cans are emptied out, and beds are made. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it needs to get done.

We had a family meeting just the other day-(which is a ritual around here) Especially when they are getting out of hand…it’s time to RESET and REMIND. I sat them down to explain why it is they need to clean up, and the importance of taking care of your responsibilities. They were super attentive and zoned in (which doesn’t happen often) so I took full advantage, and gave them an ear full. I went on to explain how there is a process to everything and taking care of your chores before free time is number 1. I explained to them how everything has a place. When your things are put up in the designated spaces-it’s so easy to find what you need. When it’s time to go somewhere you can go straight to your favorite shirt because it has been washed, and put away. You have both of your shoes instead of one because they are in your shoe cubbie, and one is not under the bed and the other behind the TV stand LOL! It’s hard enough trying to get everybody ready and out of the house, and when Mama is ready to go, I am ready to GO! I’m not waiting at the door because you can’t find the matching pair to your shoe. I’m always fussing “If your shoes were in there place, I wouldn’t be waiting” I expressed to them how much it helps me out when they take care of their chores. Yes, I definitely went through what chores I have to take care of so this house can function (Mommy Chores)- I went down the list…

1.Kitchen clean-so we can eat!

2.Clothes washed- so they have clean clothes to put on

3.Tub and toilets scrubbed-so we can live in a sanitary environment .

And the list goes on…

I wanted my kids to understand we all play a part in keeping things in order around here- We are a team! (they smiled when I said that)

I feel teaching my kids responsibility -sets them up to be responsible adults. They must understand the same rules that are put in place at home you will have to do on a job as an employee, as a roommate in a dorm room, when you become husband or wife. It all plays a part in your life. No, I am not trying to teach my kids to be neat freaks, and I am not making them clean up all day like Mommie Dearest. But I definitely want them the grasp the importance of owning their responsibility-and getting the job done. I can’t tell you how many times I have worked with some LAZY adults in the past…. I say to myself ” Your house can’t be clean” LOL! I know that’s terrible-but it’s true. My kiddos are not perfect, and I have to tell them everyday to pick up after themselves-and even though  I am tired of repeating myself-I am sure it will pay off. What did they get out of our family meeting you ask? Messy House= A MAD MAMA!

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How early do you guys start dishing out the chores? Got any tips for me?

Thank you for reading♥


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