Stay -at-Home Mom Update (I am pulling my hair out)




So, has school started back yet or what?! I must say it has been a long summer, and summer is still kicking. Why don’t SAHM’s get paid again? I mean really guys… I need a BIG fat check! With everyone home for the most part during the summer- I am in high demand. I mean it’s non stop around here. My kiddos keep this house LIVE! Not to mention my kids want to eat ALL day. It’s ridiculous-our three meals a day plus snacks in between is on 10! I don’t think it’s every remotely quite around here (long pause) nope, it’s not. I can’t hear myself think or talk at times. The days vary-at some points of the day the kids are getting along, and other points of the day they are not. It will be a year in September since I became a SAHM. I must say I have learned a lot about myself, and my kids. I can definitely concede I have grown as a person, and as a Mother. I have learned what I can and cannot take all at the same time. I go to bed at night thinking ” This is a tough gig” It’s definitely worth it. All the memories I am able to create with my kiddos is priceless. They are growing right before my very eyes… it’s so scary, and exciting all at the same time.

My oldest baby will be attending middle school this year (screaming on the inside) My middle baby is a rising third grader, and my baby girl will be starting KINDERGARTEN!! So many different conversations I am having with them individually. Each one of them I have to talk to on a different level (my head is spinning)  This Mama is ready for school to start up again-but I am a bit nervous. It’s just the Mama bear in me. When I tell you I pray over my babies-I pray over my babies- I pray for safety , covering, their well- being. I pray God keeps my babies away from any hurt, harm or danger. Being a SAHM is super challenging, and at the same time it brings a lot of joy to my heart that I am here to protect, and teach them.  Keeping them busy in the pool, cooking on the grill, making s’mores , movie time, and we are still rolling -we have to ride the rest of the summer out with a bang! I must admit there are days I lay in bed in the mornings, and I feel like I just can’t do it today-laying in bed thinking of what task have to be tackled, on top of the energy I need to somehow muster up to get through the day. As I peel myself out of bed every morning I have to remember my kiddos need me, they depend on me. And that my friends is what keeps me going! I keep telling myself that one day I will have it together-as I give myself the side eye LOL!  I hope everyone has a fun and safe summer 🙂 Try not to pull your hair out!

Any Mama’s ready for school to start back? What are you doing to keep it together?  So, if we did get paid as SAHM’s…how much do you think our salaries should be?! 😉

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2 thoughts on “Stay -at-Home Mom Update (I am pulling my hair out)

  1. I love reading these! It really makes me feel better to know that I am not the only one going thru it! It’s like I love the crap out of em but wanna smack the crap out of em! 😂😂😂😂 but I wouldn’t trade it for anything! I work all day and pick them up from day care and that’s when the nonsense starts! My two year old had the nerve to tell me he was sick and tired!!! Of what?! Getting on my nerves?! What I would give to be a kid again sometimes! It only gets better!


    • Yay!!! I’m so glad you enjoy reading my post 🙂 “Sick and tired ” haha!! LOL! Kids have no idea!!! Man, I’m telling you if I could sometime rewind when I was a child too-I tell my 11 year old stop trying to grow up so fast….being an adult is so OVERRATED!!! Thank you for reading and relating♡ Mama’s got to stick together and talk it out ,so we are all not bald by default!


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