Mommy Must Haves: My top 3 cleaning items


Mommy Must Haves-my top 3 essential cleaning items

I swear I should be a spokes person for Clorox!!!!! Today, I wanted to discuss with you guys what cleaning products I am using to keep things tidy, and smelling fresh around here. And we all know with our role as Mother’s we need what is convenient for us. So, these top items serve great purpose, and get the job done quickly. Below I am sharing with you cleaning items that have made life and this summer super easy when it’s time for household chores.

  1. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes-I absolutely love these! They are good for a quick wipe down in between deep cleanings. Having three kids sharing a bathroom things can get out of wack super fast, and the bathroom can get smelly real fast-Our biggest bathroom problem is tooth paste in the sink and cutting that urine stench that sends me up the wall! These wipes are perfect because they are disposable , and I love that! Wipe and drop in the trash-quick and easy.DSC_0425[1]
  2. Clorox (Clean-up) Cleaner+Bleach -Now this baby right here is the star of the show. I use this for Everything! It’s good for the bathroom and kitchen. When Mama is ready to deep clean-this is my go to. It removes stains, disinfects and its a great degreaser. What’s most perfect about it, is it comes in a spray bottle-Convenience! Before I start my deep clean in the bathrooms I like to go in and spray down my sink, toilet, and shower, and let the product sit for at least 3 mins. This step allows the cleaner to start disinfecting on its own-and than I get to scrubbing everything down. Anyone who knows me knows how much Clorox I use, and when you walk in my house 9 times out of 10 as soon as you hit the door that is what you are going smell. That clean fresh smell of Clorox. I don’t play around when it comes to cleaning 😉 side note: why haven’t they made Clorox plug inns yet??! Nope, too much?….Ok! DSC_0421[1]
  3. Last but not least- Febreze Fabric Refresher. This product eliminates odors, and freshens fabric such as linen, curtains, couches and whatever else needs to be refreshed. This is my jam! Considering I would really like to throw my entire couch in the washer-but that’s not possible 🙂 So to keep it fresh I drench the couch in this refresher and it brings my furniture back to life. Your furniture can hold a lot of odor-especially with the kids bouncing around on it all day. Or forgetting to wash their hands after they eat, and smearing that spaghetti sauce , or smearing the filing from the cookie they just munched on. It can turn into a war zone in here real quick-so being able to clean it up just as quick is imperative.  DSC_0423[1]

**Just remember when using these products to crack open a window , so you don’t kill yourself 😉 ** you need a product packed with POWER!!  Those floral, citrus , and lavender scents are not going to get it- In my opinion.

These products are lifesavers!! We all know being a Mom, it’s super important to keep our environment as clean as we can, it just makes life so much easier. We are all different, and our preferences are different when it comes to what products we choose to clean our home with. So, this is just what I prefer to use. What are some of your essential cleaning products that allow you to quickly get the job done?  Any NEW cleaning products you guys want to share?

Thanks for reading ♥

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