My Wedding Look!


My Wedding Look

Hey Ladies! I got to dress up!! So, I hardly dress up….and I mean hardly. That all changed last weekend when I attended a beautiful summer wedding. When I found out I was attending a wedding I was super excited because not only do I LOVE weddings… It gave me an excuse to dress up! I got a few request to share my wedding look . So, here it is!

From the pictures I posted on Instagram you can see that my husband was a groomsmen in the wedding. I had no idea of the wedding colors, so I decided to wear a grey dress simply because grey is the new neutral, and I wanted to try and match my husband to nicely compliment each other. Not knowing that I was spot on matching my accessories with his tux. I pulled together most of the look from pieces I already had in my closet! That’s a plus in my eyes!

Let’s start with my dress. You guys…I love this dress so much- it’s pretty much an all purpose dress. believe it or not I have had this dress for about five years now. I remember I found it in the window of a small boutique. I wasn’t even planning on going in the boutique. My husband and I were walking along the shops , and I spotted this simple little dress in the window, and I knew I had to have it! It screamed my name….that’s pretty much how I shop, the piece has to connect with my soul. HA! (dramatic) So, after my husband pushed me to try it on…(he didn’t have to push me too hard) The fit was perrrrrfect! My favorite part of this dress is the back- the way it gathers together- just a simple touch to spice it up. And the material is so forgiving, and comfortable.Not to mention it complimented my small frame in all the right places 😉 20160805_112547[1]20160805_112500[1]

Next, comes the shoes….which is pretty much the most important element of your look right ladies?! If the shoes ain’t hitting- you can forget it. So, again I have had these shoes for five years as well. I had the pleasure of  sharing my friends wedding day with her as a bridesmaid. And these shoes she picked out for us to set our black bridesmaids dresses off. I must say she did an amazing job picking these shoes for us. I am in love with them. Not only is the blush pink color to die for, the the rose detail on the toe is genius! I purchased these off the Nordstroms website, they were a bit pricey, but so so worth it! I wanted a small pop of color for my look, and these babies were perfect. Simple, not too bold, and a classy touch.


Let’s move on to accessories shall we! I needed something bold because of how the neckline of the dress is made, and something to tie in the pop of color from the shoes- I thought I would have to go and bye a statement necklace, but lo and behold I already had one! And can you believe I stumbled upon this statement necklace at Walmart for five bucks ya’ll! Again, that’s a plus. I purchased this necklace about three years ago. The soft coral, and soft pink tied this look together just right, and complimented my husbands vest perfectly! Moving on to the earrings. When deciding which earrings to pair with my necklace- I knew they needed to be simple because my necklace was already giving me the bold statement. So, considering pearls add a simple touch to any look-that’s just what I went for . I found these white pearl doubled studded earrings on Ily Couture ( . I absolutely love purchasing from them-I always find the right accessories, and they are always having  a sale. I purchased these earrings last year under 10 bucks. These earrings were a perfect touch to keep my look classy.


Last but not least comes the clutch! To set my entire look off I needed a little GLAM to keep my look classy, and spicy all at the same time. Considering, I wasn’t wearing any arm candy, I wanted to glam the look up with this sequence clutch by Jennifer Lopez that I purchased from Kohl’s about four years ago. After I tied the clutch in to bring my entire look together, I knew I was wedding ready!


So, that’s it Ladies!  Here is how the entire look came together! Hope you guys enjoyed 🙂


Are you guys going anywhere soon that’s going to pull you out of Mommy mode into Mom glam?


Thanks for reading ♥


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