Mommy Makeup Must Haves


Hey Mama’s! So today’s blog post is all about Mommy Makeup Must Haves. Of course, we all know that sometimes that makeup routine step can be impossible some days when you are trying to get the kiddos ready and out of the house. But on the mornings that you do get lucky , and find that extra time to pop on some makeup…here are my top MMMH’s to quickly get you in place.

  1. A good eye shadow palette is a must- having one with a variety of colors is super convenient- warm colors, neutral colors, and some pops of colors will work with any everyday easy look. This summer I have been loving Too Faced Semi- Sweet Chocolate palette. This palette is so gorgeous! The colors are right on point. There are warm tones, a bold color, as well as nice subtle colors. I love the colors Too Faced labeled for  highlighting. So beautiful! This has been my go to palette when I am ready to put on a happy face! ha! j/ktoo-faced-semi-sweet-chocolate-bar-palette-review-swatches-6
  2. Every Mama needs a good lip gloss to seal the deal right?! As you guys know I love lip gloss!!!!! Love it love it!! I get excited about it. Most days I just pop on lip gloss, and some mascara and go. I am happy as long as I have lip gloss in my bag. Keeping a good neutral lip gloss on hand is a must. Even if you wore a bold lip color that day, and after lunch you don’t feel like re-applying…pop that neutral lip on and finish the day out. This summer I have been loving Colour Pop Ultra Glossy Lip, NYX Mega Shine Gloss, and Anastasia lip gloss- All of these have done Mama good and kept my lips moisturized, and happy! I mean the last thing you want to do is walk around looking like you have been eating powdered donuts right?! (not cute)
    My actual swatches
  3. Next up on the must have list is a good strong lip liner to keep your intense gloss or lipstick in place or to wear all over the lip by itself. My favorite this summer is MAC Chestnut. OOOOOoooo I just love MAC lip liners ya’ll. They ROCK my world!!! I find that this deep brown color goes with any lip combo in my opinion. Line them Ladies, and Rock out!!
    My actual swatch
  4. Last but not least- Mama needs a good blush palette-colors that are fun, bold, and neutral. Again, variety is a plus. I like a blush palette that also has a sneaky highlighter included. You know that blush color that is GORGEOUS, but not wearable for a blush? Yea pop that baby on as a highlighter, and SHINE ON!
    My actual swatches


So, that’s it Ladies! Those are my Mommy Makeup Must Haves. What are yours?


Thanks for reading ♥

Posted by: Ivy

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