Summer Skin Care:Blueberry Oxygen Facial Scrub

Hey girl hey! So this summer I have incorporated a new scrub into my night time skin care routine. I feel as seasons change your skin needs change as well. Today I present… The Blueberry Oxygen Facial Scrub. This scrub is a pore decongestant. It helps to exfoliate , and repair your skin. A bonus! It smells just like blueberries! So, if you are not a blueberry fan -this may not be for you. The Blueberry /Cranberry ingredient is an antioxidant -this scrub declares to help prevent, fight, and reverse the signs of aging. I’m definitely here for that!


Jelly like consistency-w/Jojoba Beads for  mild exfoliating
Take care of your  skin inside and out:

Ladies, it is super important to take care of your skin. It is the first thing you see when you look in the mirror in the morning, the last thing you see in the mirror before you go to bed. A big part of taking care of your skin is also watching what you are ingesting – this step plays a major role in what your skin looks like on the outside. So, just remember when you are adding a new product to your skin care regimen make sure not only are you taking care of your skin on the outside, but you are also taking care of your skin on the inside as well. Do not depend on the product solely. We have to put in the work too ladies! Trust me… I know it’s hard….most of the time we are so busy trying to figure out what the kids are going to eat-that we basically never have time to skim the ingredients of what food contains what! We end up  like dogs at the table eating the scraps!


Oh what a glow:

One of the reasons I love this scrub is it leaves your skin with a nice natural looking glow. This is a plus for me. I am so annoyed when I have spent my precious little time to apply a product, and after all you get is dull looking , dry, tight skin… not cool! Oh, but not this scrub right here-because the scrub sloughs off the dead skin so the glow it gives is a gorgeous healthy glow. Not to mention-smooth cleansed skin.

The next morning: Girl, what?! 

Yes, girl! So after you have used the scrub-the next morning you will see little white heads pop up. Which is a great thing-because the scrub is working-it is declogging, and pulling all the yuck and bacteria out of your pores. What I feel best helps when this occurs is to apply a mask that will help complete the job. It is really important to treat bacteria monsters, because if you refuse the correct way to go about it, and start picking at your face-you will soon develop blemishes -and that is a pain in the butt! Refer back to my previous post to check out the mask I am currently using! DIY: At home steam facial using Bentonite Clay

Okay, so where did I purchase this product?:

I purchased this product off of Amazon! It was a about 15 bucks or so for 8.8 ounces. I know that probably sounds like it may not be enough product for that price tag- but it’s worth it guys! Trust me- I am definitely not the girl to kick out 15 bucks for a face product-but suck it up and try it!

What facial scrubs have you guys implemented into your summer skin care routine? Any suggestions for me?


Thanks for reading ♥

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