Monday Mommy Must Haves:My Top 5 Items I’m Loving



HEYAH!  Today on the Monday Mommy Must Have edition- I want to share with you My top 5 items that I am loving right now, and some items that will be transitioning me into fall! Yes, I am all ready for fall. Goodbye Summer, I’m over you… -C’mon Fall!

A BOMB nail polish color:

I love Essie brand nail polish. Especially this color in Berry Naughty . This color tickles my thrills ha! The formula is great /a little runny-but doable and it’s the perfect color that transitions amazingly into fall. I purchased this nail polish last year, and I couldn’t wait to pull it back out again. This is truly  a great late summer/fall favorite.


2. Shine girl Shine: 

I am a Highlight loooover! It is my favorite part when I am doing my makeup- I can’t wait to throw on that shine! It just does something to me on the inside!! The Highlighter I present to you is one from Colourpop in Wisp.  Perfect for any look, and its OMG perfect to transition into fall-it just gives off a nice bronze -gold/champagne color. Psssst… One trick I learned when you want an extra glow-is to wet your brush first, and than apply the highlighter. BOMB! Straight glitz in this piece!!



3. Give’em lips:

You gotta have the perfect color lippie that you can rock. When I think of fall I think of deep reds, deep mauve, deep browns, and neutrals. This one here is called Point Zero-Ultra Satin . I am definitely present for this color. Oooh it’s so pretty on-it is the perfect brown with a grey undertone. It feels nice on the lips too. This color I will be rocking throughout my entire life!


4. Throw it in the bag:

A must for me that I feel I need to keep me organized- is a cosmetic /random things bag in my purse. With all the crap I have floating around in my bag I need some type of organization going.This black/white polka dot with the hot pick zipper is so girly, so PERFECT!  With all I have in my bag for the kids -old hair bows, snacks, santi-wipes, knick-knacks and sometimes old snacks I forget are in there..yikes! (don’t judge me) So, this cosmetic bag is  a new one that was given to me . It is perfect because it is a little bit bigger so it holds more of my lip gloss!! I literally fill this bag up with lip gloss… Ok, and like one other thing.



5. Snuggle up:

As the season changes I like to change out my bedding-(not all the time) When I feel the need. Leaning towards more neutral warm colors-and cozy blankets. So, I am reverting back to my down comforter insert – This one I purchased from IKEA a few years back. I like it because I can change out the kind of  duvet I want when I am ready. It’s just  a bit of a hassle changing out , but it’s cool I can deal with it. It’s so cozy and comfortable-perfect for a good nights rest.


That’s it! That’s My Top 5 list. What’s on yours? What items are you loving that transfer over to Fall? Links are below where you can purchase these items.

Essie Nail Polish

Ultra Satin Lip & Highlighter

Comforter insert

(The cosmetic bag was a gift)


Thanks for reading♥ Happy Monday♥

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