Monday Mommy Must Haves:Self- Reassurance Edition


On today’s edition of Monday Mommy Must Haves: We are talking Self- Reassurance. Reassuring yourself from time to time is a must. Getting the kids back to school last week has been tiring. Stepping back into the routine of getting up super early, and with school back in session brings on more house work (believe it or not) , and I just haven’t been able to get that much rest. Which leads to grumpiness, irritation, an aching body, and feeling inadequate.


As a Mother I find myself always questioning my parenting skills.  Am I doing the right thing? Am I too hard on my kids? Are they really listening to me? I have to understand that everything is trial and error-there is no perfect parenting book to give you tips and tricks on how to  parent. It just is what it is, and every parent has their own unique style of raising their kids. POINT. BLANK. PERIOD. Sometimes I feel like  I am still trying to figure life out myself, and throwing kids in the mix is tricky-It’s terrifying. Trust your gut, and your motherly instinct, and stick to your guns. We are all pretty much winging it anyway!


Keep it together, keep it together, keep it together is what I tell myself. I promise I’m not crazy, and no I don’t need to to admitted to a mental institution ( I don’t think so anyway) I have come to the point where with everything going on I have to make sure I am indulging in some self-reassurance. Ivy, you got this! Ladies, let’s remember we were made to do this..we were created to be Mommy’s. Any challenges/changes that come our way-You got this!  We got this!


Reach out to a girlfriend who is also a Mother for some drinks and girl chat. Even though you will find yourself talking about your kids all night- that’s totally fine-it’s therapeutic-and pretty much the point. You will find yourself reassuring each other! If you want to opt out of this option- take time alone to reflect on your life and the things you are grateful for, and what makes you a great Mother. The other night I made a list to repeat to myself , and keep in mind yes, you are constantly in Mommy mode-but it’s okay not to have it all together everyday.


1.I am doing the best I can do.

2. I don’t have to constantly have it together all the time.

3. It is okay for things to be out of order from time to time.

4. It is perfectly okay if I  have a glass of wine and stare into space in silence… ha! ( this is considered ME time)

5. It is okay to take a time out!



I hope I have encouraged you Mama’s out there today. I hope I encouraged you to be better wine drinkers also! Ha!

Do you ever feel like you need some self-reassurance?

Thank you for reading ♥



Posted by: Ivy

One thought on “Monday Mommy Must Haves:Self- Reassurance Edition

  1. I LOVE it Ivy! Your words are so encouraging! You’re very blessed to have the privilege to be a stay at home mommy 🙂 When my girls were younger I had the opportunity to take a whole year off and being at home made me appreciate “time” and my children on a whole new level…My blog is going to focus on the busy “working mom” I can’t wait to collaborate and feed off one another… You’re an inspiration girl! Your demeanor comes across so calm and confident but not cocky or a “know it all” your deliverance is warm, genuine and heartfelt. You’re a soothing writer…You are setting the tone, I’m learning from you (u had no idea) lol! Keep up the good work girl! From one cool beautiful smart mom to the next! XoXo

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