Baby Fever? (a new addition)


Not the baby fever you’re thinking about… LOL! I want a baby puppy. I mean I think I do anyway. My kids are growing up so fast. All three are in school now. No more bottles, pampers, and thank you Lord no more child care. Not that I don’t have enough on my plate as it is. I really think I want a puppy. Or is it just the fact that my kids are not babies anymore, and I’m feeling some type of way about that? Maybe…but I think it would be a nice addition to our family (as I say that in slow motion)

Put in work: 

Now there are definitely pros and cons when caring for a pet.Having a dog is something like having a child. I will constantly have to clean up after it… by dog food, and all the other accessories. Taking the dog out for potty time, walking the dog. Not to mention if the dog gets sick or something like that-that comes along with vet visits. Finding a sitter for the dog. Ha! I can’t even find a sitter for my kids. Okay, I think I am slowly talking myself out of this bright idea of mine. It’s such a huge responsibility to take on, and a big commitment.

Puppy Love:

So I know people with pets who pretty much treat them like kids. They love the crap out of their pets. I ask myself am I capable of loving a dog like that? Am I an animal person? I had a chocolate lab in high school when I was living in Alaska. We got her when she was super little-we named her Chilli-she was cute and adorable. Until she got big! And when she got big, I was out! I didn’t want nothing to do with her. That’s sad huh? I just couldn’t do it. I didn’t even want to pet her. We would keep her on a leash outside in the entrance way to the front door. I would run past real fast to avoid her! I think I just answered my own question. See that’s why I need a really small dog that stays that way FOREVER.

The dog might not make it:

Then there is my kids. I am worried my kids might kill it. Throw it off the top bunk to see if it can fly like Underdog! Or feed it Debbie cakes, and Takis-to see how the dog will react to hot chips. I could definitely see my kids doing that.  Or, Kaylee playing baby doll with the dog. Trying to put baby doll clothes on it, sneaking water from the bathroom, and putting it in the play dishes for the dog. Playing hide and seek with the dog-but nobody can find it because they accidentally locked it up in the room. This could be a really bad idea!

Doggy Smell:

No matter how frequent or how good you clean a dog…it still has that “dog smell” Ya’ll know what I’m talking about? That wet bird smell… I just don’t know if I can take that. After having the dog for a while- I might become immune to the smell…but getting use to it is something I am sure I will struggle with. I’m scrunching my face up now thinking about it. Do they have doggy perfume? LOL! (seriously)


I think about how much of a joy it might be to have the dang dog around. It would have a space in our family photos. Bond with the kids-waiting for them to come home from school. Jumping in the bed with the kids, playing with them. Picking up on the kids voices and their smells. Kind of like a new brother or sister for them that they would fall in love with. We would come up with ways to pick out a name for the dog. Laughing at all the silly names the kids come up with for it, and narrowing it down from there. Those are the moments I think about that would be with us forever.

I try to factor all these pros and cons-and I’m still not absolutely sure. It’s already like a jungle in this house, and me adding a dog is like volunteering more chaos. Okay, maybe we should just get a gold fish!

Have you guys added any pets into the mix? How did it go? Have you given the pet away yet? HELP!

Thanks for reading♥

Posted by: Ivy

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