What do Women want? (Everything) 5 questions you should ask yourself


We want it all:

We want to be in good health, great friends, supportive friends. We want great relationships with our spouses/or boyfriends. Working women want  great pay-and the credit they deserve for modeling the perfection of what an amazing employee is. Stay at home mom’s want to be the best SAHM they can be. House clean from top to bottom, the best peanut butter & jelly sandwich making, perfect apple cutting, kids bathed and in the bed on time managing , and present to every school event with fresh muffins in hand. Women want to be the best friend they can be-they want to be dependable, loyal and trustworthy. Women want to be the best wife a husband could every ask for. We want to please our husbands, carry the load of the house, and still look like not one hair on our head is out of place. Can women have it all?

Truth of the matter is:

It starts with us. The expectations we are setting for ourselves-are they realistic? How important are they? It starts with self guidance and personal leadership. How another women is “having it all” should not affect yours. We have to understand what we are doing and how important it is to us. We have to know our worth- For example:If you are that working woman, and you know you kick butt at work everyday, on time, dependable, killing it under pressure, put up with crap you don’t have to, and you feel underpaid- you know you are worth more…go get it. Your boss ain’t handing out free raises. So, get what’s yours, and be strong about it. You can have it all! Why not get everything you can out of life. We only live once-just once.

Mind over matter:

Every thought, every word, every motive starts in our minds. If you feel like a shitty person everyday-and you keep telling yourself you are a shitty person. Well, I hate to break it to you-but you are a shitty person. We can’t allow ourselves to knock us down. We only react off of what we think we are to ourselves and other people. Whatever you put out into the universe will boomerang you right back in the head. Giving yourself opportunity is the best thing you can do. Because with opportunity comes an open door, and it’s up to us on whether or not we decide to walk through it. It’s our fault we don’t have it all. You know why? Because the moment someone tells us we can’t -we have already programmed in our minds that it’s not even remotely possible. When someone tries to persuade you to believe other wise about what you are doing-that is just their own insecurity talking because they are afraid of trying. Your state of mind is everything. You have to really believe it first before you can actually take action to gain whatever your “ALL” is.

We are all different:

We were not all born the same. God gave each of us an individual talent that is just for us. You can’t go out and chase another woman’s “ALL”. What I feel like is “having it all” might be different from yours, so no, we are not going to travel the same path, and we are not going to have the same goals. And that’s just that. Scratching and sniffing at someone else’s get’s you  nowhere, but looking crazy. Find your own path and go get it! So, I leave you with this-

Five questions you should ask yourself:

  1. What does “having it all” mean to you?
  2. Do you believe you can obtain everything you desire?
  3. What are your expectations?
  4. Are they realistic?
  5. What’s the plan?

Bonus* Before moving forward you have to work on yourself, and stay in your lane.

If you answered yes to all of these… I believe  you’re on your way to having everything you need and desire. You see, I don’t believe it takes much at all. We just have to remember the power we possess as women.

What does “having it all to you” mean?

Thanks for reading♥

Posted by: Ivy

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