Mom Guilt (Straight guilt trippin)

What about what I want? Two year adult tantrum:

Mommy guilt is real! I am am Mom -true. But I am also someone who needs sleep and food (that I actually like to eat). How come every time I grocery shop the buggy is full of everything the kids eat. So, when I get home and unload groceries all I have is a bottle of wine? So, when it’s time to snack all I have is go gurts , gold fish, and halos. I mean really I need some adult snacks. There has to be a better separation here, and it starts with me. When I shop I go by my grocery list I have made prior to the grocery store trip- The list consist of what the kids need , and like household items, such as-cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and so on. But what about what I want ? My husband is gone working all week-so besides the kids I just gotta worry about what I want. Do you know how many times I have picked up items for myself-go down another isle grab what the kids need, on my way to check out-as I am counting the items in my cart-because yes I have a budget-I find myself throwing what I originally picked out for myself back on the shelves like one of those crazy, dramatic, over the top cartoon characters.


007 Grocery Store Trip:

I feel like I  need a separate grocery store trip for myself. Hmmm…that actually doesn’t sound too bad! Be bold, confident, and swift about a buggy full of all the adult snacks I want?  I’m so down for that. I have to get better. Oh, but this is not just grocery store problems… NO ma’am! I could be going to Target specifically  for something I need…new sweats, hair products etc. But end up looking around for the kids and BOOM! I have accomplished once again buying nothing for me…Ok, maybe a coffee mug that I couldn’t part with- but that totally was not on my list. So, I am back at square one-old jacked up sweats, dirty hair and a NEW coffee mug. WTF gives…. Mommin is tough-but I quickly remember that bottle of wine I snatched off the shelf at the grocery store, and  I am happy again. Go gurts, gold fish, halos and wine it is!

There has got to be a better way:

What’s the plan? Hell, I don’t know. It’s a mental thing I think..or am I just telling myself that. I guess maybe I have to remember my kids don’t need every snack in the store and maybe it’s okay to get myself the sweet n’ salty popcorn instead of the Doritos they beg for! Most of the time I try and do my quick grocery shopping while the kids are at school-because when they are with me they somehow talk me into buying a bunch of crap that I did not dedicate my budget to. ” But Mom” gets me every time. Be strong I tell myself, be strong…SIKE! Who am I fooling- as I sulk on the way to the register and whip the buggy around  (like I’m playing a role in the Fast and Furious 10) to deposit the items in the cart they so kindly begged for. Oh, the grocery store torture. So, maybe it’s not Mom guilt? Maybe it’s called putting your children first…Nope, it’s straight Mom Guilt.


So tell me I’m not the only one? What’s your Mom guilt? How do you handle it? Comment below.


Thanks for reading my guilt trip story-that I so need to get over ♥


Posted by: Ivy B.

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