This is 30 something….

I blame this post on the night I had a few weeks back- crying, drinking wine and watching the movie “This is 40” Please tell me you guys have seen this movie!?



So there I am all cuddled up on the couch -candles burning, wine in hand. White Merlot -if you are interested in what kind it was lol. So, I caught the movie at the part where Leslie Mann’s character is having a conversation with a young girl she hired (Megan Foxx) to help her run her clothing store. (I’m assuming she was in her twenties) So in mid conversation Leslie Mann’s character is in awe of how perky the the young girl is up top- At that moment she realizes that use to be her-and her life pretty much flashes before her eyes. Basically- realizing she is approaching forty, and things are just not the same-or should I say everything has pretty much floated towards the bottom of the sea! Boobs and all. I proceeded to watch the movie as I cried and laughed, laughed and cried… and I couldn’t help but think how fast the past ten years of my life has gone by- and how I would like the next ten to come in like molasses. It’s inevitable time will pass on, and I will get older. But will I be Leslie Mann in ten years? Will I be thinking that use to be me? Do I feel like that now…yea I ain’t gonna lie-it’s getting to me. I immediately texted my sister-in-law to see if she had ever seen this move before… and oddly enough, she was watching it too!!After I told her I had my wine glass in hand-she dug up a wine cooler from the back of her fridge-(and I INSISTED THAT SHE CHUG IT) LOL! Now mind you my SIL is not quite thirty-but that night in my mind she was! As we cried and shared text messages (well I’m assuming she was crying like me) Let’s just say she was-so I can feel better about myself. I began to reminisce about the days I use to be the youngest gal in the room-Drinks being bought for me because I wasn’t quite twenty-one just yet…sigh. Then I thought… we should cherish the opportunity to be able to look back , and reflect on the times we were weak and what made us stronger, the times we should have held on to a little longer-the lessons we learned. The challenges we faced so far being  parents, and trying to figure out our life as individuals. Thank you Alyssa (SIL) for being 30 something with me that night- and you didn’t even know it!

It’s okay to be selfish right?:

Growing up I always heard your thirties are the years where it all comes together. Remember the movie 13 going on 30? ‘Thirty, flirty, and thriving” lol! I remember seeing thirty as an age of INDEPENDENCE.  It was communicated that thirty should be the age where you are gracefully in the career you love, married, kids, house and all. Which are all amazing.  But in all actuality- soon all of this begins to play first in your life, and you slowly fade away in the darkness of “Where the hell did I go”? Next thing you know you are waking up trying to figure out where it all began-where am I going? and what was the goal again? Your life consist of constantly doing for others, and being the best you can be for everyone else around you. Forgetting the important fact that you matter too. And being the best you can be for yourself comes first. Gosh, I saw this as being selfish at first. “I come first”? But it’s not in a snobby way-in a healthy way. If you don’t take care of yourself first – it’s hard to do the same for others. Trust me- This will allow you to have a better perspective on life.


Say goodbye-Your twenties are gone Boo: 

When I was in my twenties I don’t even think I thought about this moment- this moment where I am 30 something realizing “time” and how significant it is. So I just celebrated a birthday-I was excited all the way up until the actual day. The morning of- I just felt BLAH…. I don’t know if I’m getting older , and growing out of cuing the confetti or what. Is this normal at this age-I mean I’m still young, and I still have so much ahead of me. I am no where near the end.  So after I got pass the melancholy feeling. I realized that I am Thankful. I am thankful for growth, strength, wisdom and good health.  So say goodbye for real for real twenties. I’m not thinking about you! I am off to bigger and better things boo. You would think I just had a thirtieth birthday-all this madness-Nope…I’m two more in!

There is more to come:

Thirty’s the new twenty- I’m so hot still! (In my Jay-Z voice). Yes, we have moved on-Don’t look down because the years ahead are looking good my friend. The older I get the older my kids get, which means the closer they are to spreading their wings and flying to their own nest! Oh, but that’s bitter sweet…sigh. Looking ahead makes life worth living. Doesn’t it? Or is that something we tell ourselves?! The lesson here is to enjoy life at whatever age and whatever stage. With age brings on wisdom, and also grey hair! Each stage in your life has a significant meaning and it’s our position to understand and dwell in that moment at that present time. Focus on the right now. In retrospect compare where you were then, and where  you are now. You see that growth?? Be grateful for that. Life can be so intricate at times. Especially when you allow small things to take the reins of your state of mind . Wake up everyday and tell yourself “There is more to come, girl!”


Can anyone relate? Where you ever stuck on what was behind you instead of focusing on what’s ahead?

Thank you for reading ♥


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4 thoughts on “This is 30 something….

  1. Okay I’m trying to figure this out lol now that I’ve read the entire blog I just wanted to say that this is so encouraging. Man I’ve spent the last 9 1/2 years doing living and being everyone’s everything and I’ve just gotten lost. With the changes that are happening in my life I’m learning that it’s OK to be selfish sometimes and putting me first. I’m more then the woman who’s just supposed to make everyone else’s life better while I suffer. This was an awesome read !!!


    • Wow….isn’t it just something how we just disappear?? Gotta get back to some self love. And it’s all about balance! I struggle with this all the time. I am so glad you can relate:) thank you for reading and subscribing❤ it means a lot.


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