The Switch Up

{Definitely  what I have been doing. But honestly I have been struggling guys. I have been so sluggish… lately I haven’t had a lot of energy. I mean I have been feeling so blah… I figured maybe I need to change up my routine. Trying to trade chocolate/terrible snacks for fruits, and coffee for green tea . In the mean time cutting back on the wine (notice I said cut back, not cut out) Ha! For the last week I have been trying to incorporate more fruits in my diet… I already drink an ocean load of water-which I kind of felt like it was making me sick (is that even possible?) Anyway, I reverted back to water with tons of lemon. I forgot how good it taste. Not to mention the great benefits lemon water has. (Refer to my previous post Detoxing Anyone? ) It’s kind of giving me a boost during the day. I have been filling water bottle after water bottle, adding lemon and let the water bottle sit in the freezer for just a  little bit. Just enough to get those ice chips. Oh yes! Perfect and so refreshing.}

So, what you just read ⇑ I wrote and saved as a draft four months ago. I’m scratching my head trying to figure out why I didn’t post it. But I can report that I am happy to say my feelings , energy and all the above have totally changed since then. I have been doing things a little different since then, that I can say I have definitely benefited from. I feel it  is so important to be honest with yourself. The lesson in this is to make changes to actually  see some change! Now I didn’t want to tweak this too much because I wanted to actually  compare what I was doing then and what I am doing now. Am I doing the same thing? As far as the coffee -Hmmmm…I am back on it full blown. Ha! I am so not drinking green tea… I am getting a little more sleep. Reading meaningful books-to keep me motivated, encouraged, and inspired. I have definitely cut back on the sweet snacks (I am very proud of this accomplishment) ha! I absolutely indulge when the time is appropriate-but to make the choice between fruit or a crappy snack -It’s been fruits and veggies, and eating more salads-instead of meals that weigh me down. (Now, this is not all the time-and I am not a health nut whatsoever -but I am making better CHOICES. I am still drinking loads of water with lemon-So, that hasn’t changed at all! But there is something else that I have done differently that has given me the extra boost I needed. I have swapped out my Women’s One a day vitamins for the Curls Blissful lengths liquid hair growth vitamin. Yep, that’s right guys. A simple switch in vitamins, and I can see the light! (Cue the heavenly angel music)- Oh, with the dramatics! Seriously ladies-this bottle of magic as worked wonders for me as far as energy. I have noticed enough for me to write this post or else I wouldn’t even waist time or I would just tell you it sucked. Let’s get into it. So the bottle claims to…

*Promote Healthy & Thick Hair and Nail growth

*Support Prevenative Skin Health

*Optimizes Metabolism

*No breakouts

Did you guys know that you absorb 98% of the liquid vitamin vs. 20% from a pill? (Yea I didn’t’ know that until I read it on the bottle) and I don’t know about y’all but I much rather take a liquid then fight to swallow a horse pill!

Now, I haven’t had any breakouts-so that’s a plus. My energy level is crazy-and the morning coffee is pushing that limit. I haven’t noticed any significant changes in my hair growth as of yet-but I am sure it’s coming. I have noticed that my curls are shiny and pop more, and super soft. (The curls that are not damaged anyway) Side Note: Still suffering from heat damage damn it! So, that’s a plus…NOT! I will attach a pic below so you guys can check out the ingredients for yourself. I absolutely recommend this vitamin if you are looking for the keys listed above. Although, this product may not be for everybody-you may experience something totally different -but you never know until you try it! So…where can you get it from? How much does this bottle of magic cost? The cost of the 8 oz bottle is a nice 25 bucks-and the bottle last for 15 days- Yea, that’s right you will have to repurchase a good bit, but I would say so far for me it’s worth it. You can purchase straight from the website itself (which I will link below) and they sell it in Target now! Whoo Hoo!! (online right now anyway) It’s coming soon to stores sometime this month. I am loving that. Oh, yea did I mention I am back at work now? Yep, just part time- I am off in time to get the kiddies off the bus-So getting out the house for a few hours during the day has contributed to my energy boost as well.



Since I have been drinking my lemon water , and grabbing for fruit instead of chocolate chip cookies, gold fish or cheez- its- I can definitely say I have seen a difference in my energy level-What’s the reason for the switch up? Can I just vent for a second? My mind has been filled with so much lately. I find myself out of it sometimes. I think I finally got a routine set in place at home (which is great) but I was just feeling drained/exhausted. With the lack of sleep and ten thousand other things… Something had to change. So, I went on the hunt for a new vitamin and this was recommended to me by a fellow blogger. If I am going to be honest- I must say I was slightly skeptical at first-but my job as a blogger is to try new things-so I tried it. LOL! Honestly my One a day was not cutting it-and I needed to switch it up. Seriously though I am in between bottles because I only purchased one on my first order-because I wanted to make sure it actually worked for me. I can say with the vitamin being out of my system for a week now-I am feeling the pain! My energy is crap-like I have to push myself-I just don’t feel as good as I did when I was taking it. With me being slightly anemic-I have to keep a vitamin in my routine constantly or I don’t feel good at all. So, I definitely can’t wait until my new bottle comes in.

When it’s all said and done life is too short. And it is meant for us to enjoy the sweet things in life- but there is nothing wrong with re-working the route when things are looking a little ragged to better yourself. And what more could you ask for in a vitamin like this-to give you all that you need to keep your skin on point, energy level rocking, and your hair strong and in a good healthy state. I’m here for that!

What are you guys doing for a boost? Any other suggestions for me? If you purchase this vitamin or have already-write me a comment and let me know what you think and how it’s working for you. Get you a bottle girl! I will keep you guys posted when I start to see some hair growth.

Thanks for reading ♥

Posted by: Ivy

2 thoughts on “The Switch Up

  1. This was awesome! I love that you have a routine! I love the accountability, but I also love that you give yourself room to cheat! Your blogs are very relatable! I take hair vitamins & I love them! I would love to try a liquid vitamin! Great read !

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    • Thank you!! Yes, you gotta give yourself a break here and there. If you want to take liquid vitamin you will love curls. Remember taking Flintstones vitamins as a kid? That’s what they taste like. Thanks for reading!!


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