Regretting my Tubal ligation

When I was pregnant with my third child: I had made up in my mind that a Tubal ligation was the right way to go for me. We found out we were having a girl-(Goal Reached) Two boys and a girl-what was the point of going on?! I remember when I was in actual labor in mid push my doctor asked me if I was sure this is what I wanted-because if you have a vaginal delivery they schedule for you to have your tubes tied the next day. I was dead set that this is what I wanted. I didn’t want birth control, I wanted my tubes tied. Just to be completely done with it. Yeah , that worked for a few years until my daughter started getting older-and I started struggling with the thought..” Did I make the right decision?” The guilt really sank in when Kaylee asked for a sister… **insert crying**  I started thinking back on how there are so many women with infertility issues and it’s a process they have to go through in order to get pregnant- and here I am “Fertile Myrtle” and I made the decision to take away what is so natural-what God blessed me with- and what so many fight for on a day to day. Feeling bad is an understatement. I felt like I took away that right to have more children-when I feel like at the end of the day it is not up to me but it’s up to God.


Is a Tubal ligation reversible?: Yep! I looked it up lol!  The chance of pregnancy varies based on age. There is a 80% chance  for women under the age of 30 and 30%  chance for women under the age of 40 . Good to know right? But is this something I would put myself through? When all before my tubes were completely open and in attendance at the party. I am not totally upset by my decision, but it is something I struggle with from time to time. We all know having children takes a lot of patience , money, time, energy and all the above- we wait for our children to reach certain milestones, so we can breathe a little. It’s just something about that brand new soul that you bring into the world that you are responsible for-you get to nurture. I guess it’s just natural for a women to feel this way. We are nurtures by nature.

Living with the decision: This is why we have choices people. We make choices based on a particular moment-or a choice that could be a future changer. I guess ultimately when you choose it’s best to make sure it is something you can deal with. Honestly , I didn’t know how I would feel after having my tubes tied for six years now.  I’m not really sure if it’s something I struggle with because of the thought of not being able to get pregnant (if we decided we wanted to more children) or just not having that space to “choose” or have an “option” because I pretty much already made that decision. But living with it is in question.  Maybe next year I’ll be thinking ” Thank God I made that choice-otherwise I would be crazy to have another kid” Who knows?!


Have you been faced to make a decision like this? What was your choice and how did you handle it?


Thanks for reading ♥

Posted by: Ivy B.




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