Embrace your Curly

Story Time: My six year old daughter came home after school one day and insisted I style her hair “down” meaning she wants to wear it straight. Let me just take it back-since the move this year which included the kids going to a new school-the environment has changed a bit. Let’s be honest it has changed a lot. There is no other little girl in her class that looks like her, has hair like her-there is no other girl Kaylee can identify with in that way. Which is not something Kaylee understands. She sees the majority of a difference and wants to blend in. Being a Mother of a little black girl-there is no way I can allow this to slide, and make it easy for her and go ahead and straighten her hair. No ma’am. Now, let me make this clear.,.. There is nothing wrong with wearing your hair straight-absolutely nothing wrong with it. However, it is my job to remind my daughter of her beauty in her natural way-and to make sure she has the understanding that she does not need to be altered to fit in-she is Kaylee, an individual and I want her  to act as such. Everyday I remind her of how beautiful she is and how amazing her curly hair is. Of course, Kaylee will get older and may want to wear her hair completely different-but as long as she is under my roof it is my position for Kaylee to embrace her curly with NO apologies. We live in a world were how you wear your hair sums up who people view  you to be. Sad. Yes. But it’s true. Many women find themselves more attractive if they wear their hair straight. Why? Not sure…..there have been several occasions where I have witnessed women prepping for an event and in a hurry to straighten their hair….feeling like they would be more accepted at the event if there tresses are straight? Or that’s what makes them feel at their best? Either way it’s imperative we recognize our natural state and learn to accept it if we make the choice to wear our hair curly. You are still natural if you wear your hair straight. It’s about choice and preference. As long as we don’t allow the way we manipulate our hair, manipulate our mind.  The world of #teamnatural has started a movement that is growing bigger + bigger everyday. And I am here for it. It’s a huge movement and it’s sending messages all across the board to embrace your curly in all forms, shapes and sizes.


In addition to my convos with Kaylee and our hair prep Sunday’s. I thought it would be a great idea for Kaylee and I to subscribe to Curl Kit (because I pretty much use the same products on Kaylee as I use on myself) . Curl Kit is a monthly subscription where you get five items each month delivered to your door step. It’s pretty much like a gift to yourself every month. I am definitely in line for this. So far,  we received our first box  (December box) with the January box on the way. It was so much fun allowing Kaylee to rip through the package- peeping , and smelling the products we would soon use on her hair.  I feel it is important for Kaylee to identify with who she is at this age. Children can be very impressionable but with a little guidance we can steer them in the right direction -and that direction is called “being yourself”. Hopefully , this box is something Kaylee will look forward to getting and enjoy un-boxing it together. Don’t get me wrong-she is a child and the attention span is short and there may be some days she is not feeling like indulging in the package as much as I am. And that is totally okay. But I will continue to encourage my daughter to embrace her curly and to love who she is naturally.

You can sign up/subscribe to Curl Kit  for a monthly subscription at http://www.curlkitshop.com 


Thank you for reading ♥

Posted by: Ivy B.

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