Self Care

The way we take care of ourselves in result is the outcome of how we will go about our day to day.  How productive we are, and how we treat others around us. Did you know that self care can boost your immune system? Yep! Getting lots of rest, taking your vitamins/supplements,  staying active,  taking hot baths, meditating.  All of these play a factor in maintaining a healthier you. Our bodies all need to reset + restore. All of this sounds like I walk a good walk right?! Truth is I ‘m a work in progress myself. I have not come close to mastering all off the check list. I would be a terrible liar/blogger if I came on here to tell you how I have it all together and my self care is on point + all my ducks are lined up perfectly. That’s BS! And you could smell that from a mile away. Truth is- I’m not here to tell you the perfect way to keep your life in order-because I mean come on-we know only Unicorns have their lives completely together! LOL. I honestly feel like the walls are closing in and most of the time I feel like crap-because being a Mommy with a busy schedule – I am always cramming crap in my mouth that is left over snacks from what the kids are eating or (NOT eating very much at all, like skipping meals)-chugging coffee to stay alert. Going to bed super late, getting a half nights of sleep. All this leads me to terrible headaches, grumpiness, and irritability.  After much annoyance with myself. I put my foot down and said “enough is enough” I am important + I have to take care of myself in order to take care of my loved ones. You guys know as well as I do -being a mommy+ wife we wear many hats-hats we didn’t even know we had. Now that I have had this epiphany , I want to share with you what I am doing now for self care. No, this is NOT  a New Year resolution (I hate those) I am just AWAKE now!

  1. Skin Care: I have been struggling to find the perfect skincare routine that works for me. Is this a part of self care you ask? Absolutely- We have to take care of our outer appearance just as well as the inner. First thing I did was grab + stick. What does that mean? Grab whatever product I’m interested in using at the time and stick with it. Naturally, we expect things to start working over night or see a HUGE difference in a few days. But that’s clearly not the case-I’ve learned to do my research on the product and make sure it’s in line with whatever the issue is I’m dealing with at the time. After using so many different products-using a minimal amount + tossing it. I got tired of spending money and watching it waste. So, after research + recommendations I am currently sticking to this skin care routine so far. I haven’t seen dramatic changes as of yet- nor have I had harmful changes.  I have purchased some new skin care items and gadgets that I will soon rant about after I have used them enough to give a review on. It’s safe to say  I may have a nice + easy skin care routine in place. However, we all know what the culprit is…moving on to #2.
  2. Diet: This should probably be #1, due to what we put in our body shows up in our outer appearance- but I’m going in order of how I got it together. So, when I grocery shop I always focus on the obvious of what the kids like , and what they request for their lunches for school-which are not bad things-they are just more “kid friendly snacks” After depositing the groceries on the kitchen counter-I realize there is nothing for me. Let me go back…I’m not feeding my kids crap, but I allow them to be CHILDREN and enjoy what they like to eat in moderation. I don’t think this is going to kill them. Ok, moving on… I have started implementing a salad a day in my diet. I have always been a water drinker-so that’s not a problem. But I have been drinking more of it. For snacks- I have made the choice for fruit instead of crackers, or something sweet. I have added more veggies to my meals for dinner-which is huge for me because I am not a consistent veggie eater. I am getting better with trying to eat “meals” actually eating breakfast, lunch + dinner. Truth is I have to get up really early and my body just doesn’t want to eat that early. So, by the time I attempt to eat breakfast-it’s really lunch. I’m working on it. Since my switch I can definitely tell a difference, and I am proud of the change, and the will to want to do better.
  3. Staying Active: Thiiiiiiis was a complete struggle for me. After work everyday I would be beat…so sleepy + tired I literally could not keep my eyes open ( I mean miserable). After I’m off work the kids are in route home from school and there is no quitting time. I have too much to do. Depending on the day the kids have activities they are involved in , and with my husband working I am the DD and I can’t fall asleep at the wheel. LOL. After being so annoyed with myself. I had to figure out something to do in between me getting off work + the kids coming home. An activity that I could do in the small window between me getting home and before the kids storm in with homework and a million stories about their day. BOOM! It hit me…. YOUTUBE! With having the YouTube app on the TV it was perfect. I pulled it together + pulled up some 30 min cardio workout videos…a solution was found. When I tell you guys this has made a HUGE difference for me. I mean what have I been doing this entire time. This has definitely given me a boost of energy that I was so in need of. I even have Kaylee working out with me! Win! Win!
  4. Rest: We all know lack of sleep can make you feel like a grumpy ol’ bear. I am not here for this at all.  It is just a miserable feeling. After the night routines of homework, dinner, picking school clothes out, and baths, etc. I don’t fall in bed until well after 11pm…. leaving me with a little rest if any, and the result of feeling annoyed the next morning. So, the plan is this….if whatever I don’t get done the night before it will have to be done the next day. I can’t spend all night preparing for the next day and still not mentally prepared for the next day.  As I still struggle to get to bed at a decent time (I’m working on it) I was gifted an oil diffuser that has been a miracle worker. I had to get use to it the first night or so…like the aroma. But when I did-it has been a good nights rest + in the morning I am ready to start my day.
  5. Vitamins/Supplements: As our body depends on good nutritious food-it also depends on extra care like our vitamins to step in and take care of what we may be missing on a daily. I am taking/have been for a while now … Women’s One A day vitamins. BTW -over the years I have tried to skip out on these and I feel like crap if I do. My body clearly communicated I needed these. What I added that is new is Biotin Liquid drops.  Did you know you benefit 98% of a liquid supplement than a pill? Yep, google it LOL.  I will give more of a review on the biotin later on.

I must say I am proud of all the steps I am taking to take care of me. Hopefully the changes I am seeing in myself will keep me going.  If Self Care is something you struggle with try switching it up with some of the ones above-Let me know how they work out for you or how you tweek it.

Thanks for reading ♥


Posted by: Ivy B.

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