You are MUVA: with some other stuff mixed up in there too

I feel like I am just now realizing there are other parts to me. I am a mother, and absolutely grateful for it- but I feel like somewhere I get lost in forgetting that I am much more than that.

Although, being a mom is a natural stone in our life. Sometimes I feel like we get so caught up in our mothering that we forget there is someone else inside of us that has a voice, we have a say in our life, we have goals, dreams. It’s so funny how we can post up our rod to let our children know ” we ain’t playing” and that “we mean business” But why is it that we don’t post up our rod and have that ” we ain’t playing attitude when it comes to conquering our personal. Yes, that was a Rhetorical question. I’m not so sure we know. Sure, we can make the excuse of how busy we are with work, kids in school , extracurricular activities….blah, blah, blah. But does it every dawn on us that Mom’s need to be happy too? Think about how good it feels to make a check list…you know the list-the “Things to do list” That has everything to do with household items needed to , the re-up on school supplies, to the dry cleaner run, to calling up your lawn care guy for a nice fresh yard cut, to new tuber ware, changing out the throw pillows because the season is changing. Think about if we made a list for ourselves… yes, a list for us…let’s call it ” (MY) TO DO LIST. This list would be made up of all the things we need to get to…things such as making a long over due hair trim appointment, taking that hot yoga class your neighbor raves about, picking up that book you have been meaning to get for the past six months, calling the girls up for a much needed lunch. Or finally getting around to working on that project you so quickly put on hold because you felt like there was absolutely no time. Think about how good it would feel to check off what you placed on YOUR list?!


Say what, self? I can’t hear you over all this noise:

We can get so use to hearing all the familiar noise around us -that we forget to pay attention to the most powerful sound-and that’s our voice. What we feel, and what you  say to yourself is so important-it’s that voice we hear when we feel like the walls are closing in, it’s that voice we hear when we are trying so hard to get to sleep at night-so exhausted + counting  on our fingers how many hours of sleep we are going to get that night. Praying the numbers on the clock move like molasses. That brings me to this….I find that one of the best exercises we can do is -meditate. Meditating helps us exercise our brain. It allows us to shut down the noise around us and get in tune with what’s going on in our minds, our body, and our soul. I know that sounds corny to some-but it’s true.  Try it! After the kids have gone to bed, and you are settling down take about 30 mins to shut down and concentrate -close your eyes , and allow your mind to relax. I have an oil diffuser I like to use -placing a few drops of my choice of scent. Set a timer if you need to, and meditate away. The key is to stay consistent- you’ll see results that way. Now, I have slipped off some myself-but I am getting back on track. You see giving to our self is giving to others. Our mind needs to be healthy and whole in order to give what we want to receive. I hope I was able to motivate someone today to listen to yourself, and through all the chaos make time for you.


Thank you for reading ♥

Posted by: Ivy B.




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