What kind of Mom would your kids say you are?

The Role: The questions

I always question this….well, not always more like from time to time.  Being a parent= taking on the role of a provider, teacher, nurse, counselor, confidant, etc. it’s all overwhelming, and making sure I am all of this and more-without a question. There are times where I am sitting back asking myself ” Did I give the right advice”? “Did I say that right”? “Was that the correct punishment”? That’s all up in my head floating around like alphabet soup. I think it is important the way our children receive information from us. And it’s also up to us to make it clear our teachings exactly. For example: chastising them-I am always making sure after the punishment has been given I sit them down, and ask if they understood why they are in trouble , and I have them repeat back to me what I said. I just want them to have a clear understanding that I am not fussing for no reason, and  that I am not handing down punishment for fun. You know that saying “This is hurting me more than it hurts you” I never understood that as a child. Like how is taking something away from me (putting me on restriction) etc. hurting you? It’s me who is being punished here. But I totally get it now. It truly hurts my heart to have to take something away from my kids that I know they love. I explain to them that there is a lesson in everything. And I am doing this because I want them to LISTEN AND LEARN!


Am I coming in clear: Seriously, can you hear me?

Not that the 1st time, or 2nd time worked completely because I find myself scratching my head thinking……Didn’t we just go over this. Also, remembering that with parenting comes trial and error-and we have to go with what works and often times switch things up. I hardly let things slide-but there are small moments , and I mean small- where they can depend on a talk coming later, when I just can’t deal at the moment- I do remind my kids to not underestimate me… I won’t forget! I would hope my kids would say their father and I teach them well. That we give instructions and if they don’t follow through-that we stand our ground and that we don’t let them get away with anything. I hope they would say we are loving, caring, selfless, and have an unconditional heart. I hope they would say we want them to be the BEST they can be. Even when there are times Mom is screaming at the top of her lungs!

What would your kids say?


Thank you for reading ♥

Posted by: Ivy B.





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