Who are you?

WHO ARE YOU?: Are you who you are because someone told you who you are? Or are you who you are, because somebody told you who they think you should be? Do you blow wherever the wind blows? Or do you follow your own sound? Tough questions-but let’s dig deep. Grab your popcorn and let’s get into it.

There is something to be said: about an individual who is always flipping the switch. I mean flip to the flop. Every time you turn around you got a new agenda, a new act, a new attitude, a new person popping up that I now have to try and identify. Well, sweetheart, due to the many switch  ups my specs are now foggy…because I have no idea who you are. I’m not sure if it’s clear on how annoying and what a turn off this could be -correction-a turn OFF it is. This could lead to destruction real fast. In your home, at work, in your circle. I could imagine this being hard on your husband or best friend-because there is no awareness-no self awareness. It pretty much gets to the point where if someone told you “Hey, you know what- you look like you could be a good sword swallower… (you know those people that rear back and stick a gut wrenching sword down their throat for an applause?) Yea, that. Anyway, now here you go YouTube Channel searching “how to become a sword swallower, fast!” I mean…really? Neglecting the entire fact that there is a whole talent inside of you that you are afraid to embark on because you are scared of the commitment, scared of the sacrifice. So, you allow people to put you in a box-and now your’re stuck in the box , and not able to be or explore your truth because you settled for the box life. Not really digesting that it’s really all for “title” that paycheck won’t be a drastic change-you will still be trying to figure it all out 6 months down the road. In the words of Ciara “LEVEL UP” Listen to your sound, and only your sound. Walk your own path. I’m pretty sure that would be much more fulfilling.

Self Satisfactory:  It’s time to satisfy yourself. Feed yourself what you need to survive in your life. Key word is YOUR. Satisfying yourself comes with believing in yourself first-and understanding you, and what you are capable of and how far you will go to allow yourself to be who you need and want to be. Not settling because it’s easier. Playing it safe is not the goal here-and probably really boring. If you are not willing to take the risk for yourself-stop complaining about the struggle. Stop dreaming of another life that you won’t have because you like living in a box (mentally) Your dreams, your thoughts do not work themselves-they don’t manifest on their own. That part is totally up to you.

Thanks for reading ♥

Posted by: Ivy B.

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