Big Chop #2

7/14/17 -Marks the day of my 2nd BIG CHOP.  It’s been close to three years since I joined the natural hair community. I’ve learned so much- what my hair likes, what it doesn’t like-styles I will re -visit, and styles I wouldn’t dare do again.

What I will do differently: I will no longer be co-washing my hair. I have put a stop to this for sometime now- this technique does absolutely nothing for my hair- My hair is not completely cleansed and I still have a good amount of build up on my hair-my hair feels almost waxy. I’m not a fan of that at all. So, I have gladly added shampooing back in my wash day routine. I figured- how is your hair suppose to grow when your scalp is not completely cleansed ?

What my hair likes: My hair likes to be shampooed lol! My hair likes gels with a firm hold, butter cream products-I cannot use stylers that are light weight-like that lotion consistency. I can’t achieve not one thing with runny products. I have to use what’s going to hold my hair in place and super moisturizing. I also, can’t use too many products at once in my hair-I need at least a leave in, butter cream and gel-I can’t be doing all this extra-ness- my hair NO likey!

Less Manipulation: Protective styles have been my friend since I have been in the in between stages of trying to grow out my damaged hair- Now that this is my second big chop- I have gotten use to all the different styles I can do to my hair-Now, I can calm down and give my hair the breaks it needs to grow and flourish. I have noticed such a big difference when I tuck my hair away. Of course, continuing to give my hair a good wash day in between with a great deep condition session.

The difference in BC1 and BC2: BC1 I did it myself- I transitioned for seven months, and my roots were not acclimated to their natural curly state-My roots were wavy , but not completely in the curly state- so that took some getting use to-it was like my hair was hesitating to curl up-until it started to grow a little more-which didn’t take long at all. I also missed a few spots. I didn’t cut all that needed to be cut because I was scared. I just hid the crazy looking parts! BC2- Was done by a pro hair stylist, and since I have been natural going on three years-my hair new what to do-It was use to it’s curly state and it acted as such. Would I take matters into my own hands and BC my own hair again?-Nope! Not after having it professional done. My hair was cut precisely and even. Just what I needed to get my hair to grow back out even and healthy.

Do I regret the BC for a 2nd time: Hell No! May hair needed it. I would rather have healthy short hair, than long damaged hair any day. This time round getting my hair cut wasn’t so shocking considering I have been around the bin once before. It was more relieving because I knew I was making the best move for my hair-and I am so excited about this healthy natural hair journey. Learning the do’s and don’ts the hard way definitely paid off . Now that I know better- I will only do what is best for my hair.


Thanks for reading ♥

(second time around Naturalista)

Posted By: Ivy B.

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