Transitions for a Party of 5 (moving our family to a new home and new schools)


It all started with our summer move. Uprooting from where we planted our feet for 12 years-was exciting, unnerving, and most of all a challenge. Realizing  we would have to get to know a new community-change the kids schools, get them involved in activities in a new county and feeling out the area for convenient shopping aka (locating the closest target)

1st on the list: was getting acquainted with the neighbors. So, we hit up the community pool for a Sunday dip lol. We meet a few neighbors out there and gathered a little insight on the schools our kids would attend. We met a few parents who we would later see at  open house. I was hesitant about going the pool-just because I mean we were the new kids on the block-and I hate being the new kid. First off, everyone can spot out the newbies -so you stick out like a sore thumb-some people are friendly, and some are not. Some people look and speak, some look and stare-trying to figure “who the heck are you” ” And why did you land on our planet” lol Oh, boy…how uncomfortable-but you must swallow it all and keep on getting settled in. Because well, we ain’t moving no time soon.

2nd on the list: was getting the kids registered for the upcoming year and open house at the new schools. Which for my middle schooler that was a huge deal, and he wasn’t feeling it at all.  Let’s just say my husband and I spent a lot of time convincing him of what an amazing year he is going to have-meeting new people. We got the 7th grade side eye the entire time #FAIL. Of course, the elementary little’s would soon follow after big brother-and cry about how they didn’t like the new school either. My kids insisted on being Bergen’s for the rest of the summer.

3rd on the list:  was scoping out what the heck is there to do around here that’s family oriented. When in doubt find the nearest park and work from there. So , we did. And we found it had sprinklers for the kids that operated off times, food truck events and shaved ice trucks. A win win win!!! This would be our spot for the summer. We found our favorite fro yo place near by-Sweet Frogs! A movie theater , eaters, and bars for adult time. I found a nail salon I love , and of course a STARBUCKS.  All of this goodness near by without having to jump on the highway is satisfying me so far. However,  after all this the kids still miss the old digs. Which I can understand. Our first initial week in the new house-I was very homesick. Even though we out grew the space-it was home.

4th on the list: was getting settled. Learning the new space-filling the new space to make it feel like home (which I am still in the process of doing) We are coming up on five months post move and we are still taking it all in. It has definitely been a transition for everyone but so far so good. We are still in the process of selling our love shack or renting it out…the headache I don’t want to deal with right now. But it has to be done. All in all it was a good look  with adjustments. Now on to enjoying the  first holidays in the new place.


Have you guys faced any recent transitions with moving locations or switching your children’s schools? If so, how is it going?


Thanks for reading ❤️


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