Back to school Blues?

On the side Mom to Mom convos:

I was having a conversation with a fellow Mom at work-we were discussing back to school attire. Uniforms vs. Non-Uniforms. And we both definitely agreed on Uniforms/Dress codes. While she is already experienced in this area. This will be my first year where there will be a dress code in place. Well, at least for one of my kids. My youngest two however, have no dress code-which well…sucks! When I tell you I crossed my fingers in hopes for a dress code for my elementary duo- I ain’t lying. Why do I have the blues? Why am I going so hard for this Khaki/Polo situation?

Let’s get into it:

How many times do you wash clothes a week? With amounts of spaghetti stains, paint stains, and some stains that are questionable-you know the “what is that?” face. Yea, that. I wash at least twice a week-maybe three-depending on how bad it is. (I could be over-doing it or slightly OCD) Just trying to keep up with life…Which means when its time to head out for the weekend their clothes look like last years clothes.  Looks like they have been walking on their knees (as my co-worker homie would say) their long sleeve shirts turn into quarter length, and jeans turn into calf huggers- but seriously when it’s time to go out as a family…Let’s just say we don’t look good as a unit. Last year , I found myself putting away a few shirts and jeans that classified as ” Weekend attire” yes, it got that bad. These particular items of clothing I would avoid putting out for school-just so they could have a decent fit for the weekend. Simply because I refuse to buy school clothes and weekeend clothes. No, that’s not happening in this house. It’s called mix’n match and rotate…lol!

I mean don’t get me wrong -obviously you would wash the crap out of the uniforms because they would acquire the same stains -but they (here comes that word I love) “ROTATE” and they are uniforms forms for crying out load- only to be worn at school. Think about it-you spend all your hard earned money on clothes just for them to go through the fire at school. That just doesn’t make any sense. I seriously wish ALL schools required a dress code. Okay,  okay, with an exception of picture day and dress down days if it means that much.

Think positive?:

So , my tweenager has a dress code this year-which by now , ya’ll know I am here for it. However, he despises the khaki and polo get up. I explained to him that it wasn’t that bad- It’s a basic polo shirt and khakis (with a choice of colors to rotate in between) Easy..well since he is stuck with a dress code -he had the bright idea to “THINK POSITIVE”and inform me that more sneakers should be an option to also “ROTATE” clever? I think we can work that out (with a huge annoying sigh) I just can’t WIN. Now, I’m back to my old tricks-stashing clothes for the weekend for the younger two-and breaking the bank for the middle schooler’s sneaker fetish.


Do your kids go to a uniform based school? If not, what do you do to keep their clothes weekend ready? Are you stashing clothes? Tell me your secret below↓


Thanks for reading ♥

Posted by: Ivy B.

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