5 items every Mom should have in her closet

It’s easy to maneuver when you are comfortable. For me anyway…. but when it’s time to actually get dressed-because you need to show up looking presentable. These are the top 5 items you should have in the closet to make your workout/ errands ensemble  transform into  “I really put thought into my fit today” These items I feel you can’t got wrong with.

Let’s start with your base-and work from there. Which would be an item that converts. Meaning you can wear it in the winter, spring, summer, or fall. With either boots, sandals, or heels, and even a pair of sneakers. That item would be… a dress. A simple one, so you can dress it up or dress it down. Maybe a nice solid color so it’s easy to mix + match. Something loose fitting,  flowing  -something on the comfortable side.



Next item would be a jacket. A denim one I prefer -because denim can pretty much bring any fit to life, and be dressed up or down. You can still rock it in the warmer months also, Especially at night. You can throw your denim jacket over your convertible dress for a nice relaxed look. Whether it’s a fitted one, or over sized. It’s all about preference.

denim jdistressed

Now, on to shoes. Today we are going to talk about a nice pair of heels. Just for the fun of it. Heading out for dinner with the hubby and kids, or a girls night out. You can’t go wrong with a nice pair of heels that you are sure you won’t break your neck in! Your heels will definitely dress your fit up major. Obvi right! I’m not a heel freak-but I like to have a pair in my closet when I’m ready to stand tall! lol… The fun in having a convertible dress is the fact you can switch out your shoes. From a heel, to a sneaker, to a boot. Depending on the season or occasion.

fringeheels 2

On to the bag. Depending on the type of carrier you are- depends on the bag you will want to carry to compliment your fit. Also, depending on where you are going. With the kids, I sometimes prefer carrying a bigger bag because I am always throwing something in there…”Mom, can you hold this?” But if it’s a girls night I prefer a shoulder bag , that I can use as a cross body, or satchel. So, I can have free hands to drink my wine…lol j/k (no I’m not)  I really don’t have a need for a bigger bag on a girls night, because I like to carry as minimal as possible…a small wallet, my phone, and whatever I am wearing on my lips that night to touch them up throughout the night.

mcmtory burch

Which brings me to the last item… I mean this wouldn’t be in your closet-so we can call this one a bonus…and that would be a banging lip gloss. It’s imperative we keep our lips moisturized/hydrated or glossed up. The last thing you want are some crusty lips…because-well it’s just not lady like, DUH!  Either a nice clear gloss topper over a lipstick you are wearing, or one with pigment. Again, it’s about preference.

mac lip glosscolourpop

That’s it y’all. What items are included in your top five? Be sure you guys subscribe to the blog-so you are not missing out on any post.

Thanks for reading ♥

Posted by: Ivy B.

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