Being a stay at home mom, and finding balance

I recently became a stay at home mom for several reasons. My daughter started pre-k , my youngest son has tutoring throughout the year, and my oldest plays sports this  winter. The time I needed to spend with my children to give them my undivided attention, and get them where they needed to be. Often times we get so engrossed in what is going on at work, and our responsibility , and accountability there, that our family lacks the attention they need from us. Most of your time is spent away from your family…you spend most of your time at work , and so much at home can become unnoticed. Speaking for me… I felt the routine of cooking dinner half dead asleep, helping with homework with one eye open was exhausting. So, when I got the opportunity to stay home, I took it! So, I could be the wife and mother I needed and wanted to be for my family.


There are high demands on you when you are a mother and a wife. Such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, homework, doctor’s appointments, being the mediator, the psychologist, the teacher, the encourager, the example, and the list goes on. Then to turn around, and be what your husband needs you to be as a wife. It is definitely a blessing, and amazing to have your family depend on you. The truth is, it can be exhausting. With all of the many duties, the one person you forget about is YOU!

So, how do we balance? As a woman it is important to make time for ourselves , love ourselves, and most importantly know who we are. When we take care of ourselves we can take care of our loved ones, and be able to wholeheartedly give them what they need. A happy you, makes a happy mommy and happy wife. We need to remember we are the ROCK  for our family, and your family feeds off your energy. However you are feeling determines the day your family is going to have. That is why it is important to take care of you, and balance your time. Get involved in something that you enjoy, and therapeutic to you. Find a source of encouraging pieces to read, meditate, take up yoga, go for runs, walks, arts and crafts. Get involved in something outside of your home…donate your time to a non-profit organization, whatever floats your boat!


  Time to yourself is very important, and very much needed. Now, I have to admit I do feel guilty when I take time out for myself…that’s crazy right?! I really do…whether it’s going for a mani/pedi, running personal errands, or having a girls night out. Man, I even feel bad when I purchase something for myself. I have to talk myself into it, tell myself why I need it.  I feel guilty…but we shouldn’t because it is healthy to take a minute to get away , and get a break. A refresher if you will!

Did you ever think maybe your kiddos need a break from you too? LOL! Seriously, being a stay at home mom is amazing, and is absolutely beneficial for you and your family. But let’s not forget to BALANCE! Any stay at home mama’s out there? How do you balance your time? Comment below, and share some of your stories!

Posted by Ivy


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