Pescatarian Life

Why did I decided to go pescatarian? There are many reasons why I decided to take this route… some personal reasons , and I felt like this was a healthier choice for me. I am definitely not a pro pescatarian by far . I am almost three months in now. I would like to give myself some credit for even sticking it out this long. Because, there were many failed attempts. For those of you who don’t know…a pescatarian is someone who doesn’t eat beef, pork, or chicken, but does eat fish.

The transition I have to say was pretty easy, as I mentioned before my first few times were not a success, this time was completely cold turkey. After bouncing back and forth , and having talking to my husband about it, and both sharing our views, and our own personal reasons, we finally got serious. Well, he also started like a month before I did! This is something we decided to do together. Now, the challenges I face are trying to figure out what to eat! And, what’s fast and convenient. Considering this was a sudden decision , and I didn’t have a specific meal plan in place. I had to find foods with good source of protein. Not to mention I am not a veggie gal, and when it comes to trying new food… let’s just say I’m not really up for it! I get so weird about textures, and smells. Pretty much all I had on the menu was fish, and a few other things like salads, smoothies and what not. I knew ok, I better figure this out, because I could easily get tired of fish especially since that’s all I had on the menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Going pescatarian forced me to broaden my horizons , and try more foods, and of course those delicious veggies! Yuck! I definitely knew I wanted to incorporate beans in my diet, since they are a good source of protein. The first type of beans I ever tried were baked beans (this was years ago) and boy did they taste WEIRD! I hated the mushy texture in the middle….so this eating beans crap was not really that exciting! So, one night for dinner we were having tacos, which  included rice, corn, salsa, and all that other stuff. I decided to add some black beans (which was the star of the show ,since this was my meat substitute )….and yep, after giving beans another try, and with a different mind set… they  were pretty good! I know, I was missing out! So, now that I like beans :), this was my perfect substitute for meat. Later I found out about breaded veggie patties, veggie breakfast sausage, veggie nuggets, and the list goes on. Which are all pretty good. Especially, the veggie breaded patties…almost too good to be true.


If I didn’t make the decision to go pescatarian, I would have not had an open mind to try other foods. Almost three months in, and so far so good. It’s really not that hard if you stay focused, and keep in mind your reason for this transition or any transition for that matter. My advice to anyone who is thinking of transitioning, would be to GO GROCERY SHOPPING!! Have a meal plan, have some healthy snacks available,  and never allow yourself get too hungry…because, as you know EVERYTHING looks good when you are hungry, and if you are not strong enough that weakness kicks right on it. I am proud of how disciplined I have been especially with the holidays around.

This is actually a pretty interesting journey, and it is teaching me that I can be disciplined , and actually stick to a plan. It gives you more confidence in other challenges/changes you may stumble upon in the future. Alright, enough of that! Thank you for visiting and reading in on my post today! I will keep you posted on how my journey is going. Any pescatarian peeps out there? Leave some comments below, and some recipes or meal recommendations.

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4 thoughts on “Pescatarian Life

  1. Thanks for that wonderful read. Because of you….I have changed how I eat now. I just went out today and bought fruits, vegetables, and nuts. I put them in separate zip ziploc bags. Now when I get hungry all I have to do is reach for a healthy snack. It’s much easier that way! Thanks for the encouragement!


  2. It’s great that you all have decided to eat healthier. A few months ago, I did a 10 day challenge to only eat fruit, veggies, nuts and lots of water. Because I had a made up mind, I was able to do it with no problem…I mean cold turkey and although the goal was not to lose weight, I actually lost 10.5 lbs in the process. After this challenge, I did go back to eating meat, but it was gradual because at my first time trying to eat meat, I could only eat a few bites and had to stop. Now I’m back to eating meat full force…lol, but the plan is to get back to eating healthier than I currently do. Hey…at the end of the day, eating healthy and being healthy is not something you do here and there…it’s an all the time thing…it’s a lifestyle!


    • That diet you were on is good! That’s some straight discipline right there. It is definitely easier said than done. Isn’t it funny how when you haven’t eaten meat in while, and then struggle trying to eat it?! Lol…thanks for reading!


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