Stay-at-home Mom update


I found a grey hair!!!! The end…Ok, just kidding. But seriously I did find a grey hair and I ran to grab my twelve year old son to look under the light to confirm. I said to myself… “So, this is what we are doing now huh?” Geezzz… I guess I have no other choice but to embrace it. Does the grey hair confirm I am hitting the age of wisdom at 31 years old? Or is this grey hair telling me “Yes, High School is over you and you are really really an adult?” Is it weird to feel like you are still in high school, but you just have adult responsibilities? I mean I don’t think I ever feel like an adult on the inside. Every birthday I’m waiting for it to happen…I’m waiting to feel like an adult or feel like I have aged. It just doesn’t happen. I am not sure I have fully digested that I am really a Mom?- I feel like I am babysitting three kids that won’t go home!

 The Update:

It’s been four months since my last update-My nine year old cut his own hair with  paper. cutting scissors and he wrote his first love song/love letter. My twelve year old is growing like a weed, so is his hair- and he is growing out of the kiddie table. Conversations are different, and heart attack worthy. My five year old is getting bossier , sassy, and swears she is in control of her life and her brother’s lives. You can’t tell her nothing now that she can read. (So no more spelling words in front of her to talk in code) She is so eagerly watching my every move-she has more and more questions than I can answer.

I feel like a Circus Clown:

It’s been a little over a year since I became a sahm. I am still learning more and more , and still trying to juggle it all.  Trying to keep a schedule for myself to get things done is still a work in progress. I am always saying what I need to be doing, and what should be done-but my husband constantly reassures me that I have to stop being so hard on myself, and what gets done, gets done. I guess I can’t argue with that. Now, that the holidays have commenced- there are more teacher work days-and the long holiday breaks . (These kids got it good nowadays) When were we out of school this much? Trying to keep the kids busy so they don’t strangle one another is a task within itself. Lord, help me!


Keep in mind, Keep your cool: The kids are watching

I have to talk myself into calm mode when things are getting out of hand. Yelling is not going to get them to listen-but when I have said it five times over- I have reached my limit, and now you feel the wrath of MAMA BEAR JOE! (If you know my nickname -you know who this is) In my moment of cool down- I have to remember that there is a better way to handle certain situations. My kids feel my frustration, they can feel tension- and the last memory I want them to have of me is yelling and screaming. So, it’s important for me to step away and pray, reflect, and recollect. Even though it’s all their fault! Ha! j/k…

Split Personality:

I definitely feel like I am three different people. Because of the age difference my kids need a different me, a different response, a different approach, different chastising and so on. It’s so real  I am thinking of naming all three of me, and giving my kids that assigned name to call me! Maybe this will eliminate the confusion? Too much? One thing that is not different is my love for them. No matter what-I love them all the same.



This years Presidential Election has inspired my kids immensely. Both CJ and Kaylee have decided to run for president of the house. They each made a list of what they would offer around the house-such as :making coffee, making cereal, free time, making pizza, buying a trampoline, etc.  They taped the individual sheets with the list of duties on the wall, and at the bottom of each sheet read “Tally here ⇓” -knocked my socks off! Little do they know ….Mommy and Daddy are the President and First Lady of this house! But I love how they were inspired. Our kids hear, see and watch when we don’t think they are. They had so many questions about the election this year. It really blew me away. I like the fact that my kids are learning how to be leaders in their own right. They don’t even know it-but they have inspired me.  (Shhh!! I voted for both of them ;))


(To all my Mom’s—working, sahm, work from home sahm)  What have you learned about yourself and your kids these last couple of months? What do your kids do to inspire you? Comment below!


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